• Ramanathan Shankara | 04-May-2017
    I feel there has been an increase of social experiments from vloggers and youtuber's..... to the point where it becomes very annoying.  People experiment almost everything, women harassment, eve teasing, body shamming, racial discrimination, regional discrimination, religion, color discrimination etc,. It is good to see how people react when there is injustice, but this form of experiments is on the rise and people's emotions are put to the test. For example, Talk about women harassment or domestic abuse, it is true every soul boils seeing such atrocities. People react or to the extreme people snap.  Another example is body shamming which is.more of mental harassment, mental torture and almost crushes the very soul of the individual. I have been a victim of this personally and I still am. But I have learned to ignore and move on. I even srarted listening to musoc where i can relate my life and calm down on the daily **** i go through. I listen to the track "Hater by Korn", which kind of relates t
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  • A Walk Down The Memory Lane
    Jyoti | 03-May-2017
    Life used to be so simple a few years back… We had to attend the school, pass the exams with good grades to have a successful career and be content with mundane things. But those were the times we used to think of growing up. Who would have thought, it was best not to grow up! Vacations were spent playing with friends, visiting cousins and doing stuff which, when I think of now, feels stupid. There were no smart phones, laptops and other gadgets without which I feel handicapped now! But still we were happy, content and slept soundly at night. When did we grew up from being innocent children to tactful adults? At present we have so many devices to make our lives convenient but nothing can bring back our childhood and the associated memories which bring a smile to our faces even today.  
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  • Ramanathan Shankara | 28-Apr-2017
    Have you listened to the track, "Killing in the Name of" by Rage Against the Machine? It starts with something like this; "They use force, to make you do, what the deciders have decided you must do!...." This kind of relates to everyday life. Being pushed around and doing what has been designed and designated, Doing what has been delegated, nothing more nothing less! Life isn't living wth what you have, It is important what we make out of it! People snap at times when they are pushed to the corner. When they do, they dont see who is facing them, Everything goes haywire. I feel the same way, I want to break the skull of the person who pushes me, but somethng holds me back. With responsibility comes patience. But sometimes when you are psuhed too much, you dont think of anything. You just blow! I listen to heavy/thrash/death/pagan/black metal wherein the lyrics relate to everyday life. It's not always beautiful and smooth. Most people consider this music to be containing satanic verses and glorifying d
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  • A Chained Soul
    taabiirdaan | 28-Apr-2017
    A chained soul!! What you want to do????? This is not a question anymore it's more of a challenge, a forceful order just to imply" You can't do anything of your own". And then a body seems to be free isn't free anymore.  A body with a Chained soul.  They will ask for your option. What other options do a chained soul have? ..  Let me guess!! Ohhhh it's freedom...  But there is a problem..  How would you explain freedom to another chained soul? A word they haven't heard of. A word that could make you a rebel among them...  beware this word could be dangerous for you... either you have enough guts to be a rebel or you could be just like them....  Another chained soul.!!!   It's better to be silent and let them plant their own ideas and options in your mind... A inception!!! That's how it works... From one chained soul to another...  From one body to another... From one cage to another... and the whole world of yours that seem to be free
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  • Mitali Shah | 23-Apr-2017
    #kalamblah Black and Lovely. "Black is beautiful" ain't it? Ofcourse!! Black is beautiful and regal but only when associated with attires, accessories or showpieces. Why is black not so beautiful when we talk about skin colour? The matrimonial advertisements​ always start with educational qualification and end with the colour of skin. And believe me, most of the times the skin colour plays a major role in decision making. I pity those who prioritise skin colour over one's educational qualification. The beauty of a newborn is often described as "oh ,the baby is beautiful and soooo fair" or "the baby has sharp features but the complexion is little dusky." Really?? I wonder why are we so obsessed with fairness.  The market is flooded with fairness creams and lotions. It's difficult to find a moisturizer or face cream sans whitening agent. The success rate in career, or level of confidence at the work place is directly proportional to your skin colour. The fairer you are the most successful you are! For
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  • My experiences while driving
    Jyoti | 20-Apr-2017
    I have been driving a 2 wheeler since 20 years and a 4 wheeler since a couple of years and this is my personal take on the subject: People are in such a hurry to be in the front of everyone that they jump lanes, overtake from the wrong side, jump the signals and even take wrong turns - all in the process of getting ahead. There is this need to be ahead of everyone all the time and this need is even more if there is a female driver in front of you! Some drive in such a reckless fashion that you can see them going in a zig zag pattern literally. Some overconfident ones think that rules are not meant for them: only naïve ones need the rules. Some will go to such lengths to overtake you and then you see them waiting just in front at the signal so I want to ask them what did you accomplish – you are still waiting naJ. But I guess their ego or the male pride doesn’t allow them to wait. Enough about car drivers and I have not even talked about the ones who use mobiles during driving! Now some expe
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    Jyoti | 20-Apr-2017
    This question seems to be floating in my mind so often (most of the times while driving:)) - whether it is driving on the roads, standing in a queue, following etiquettes at work, public places or while using a cell phone and n number of other day to day things. Or have we simply decided NOT TO FOLLOW THE RULES!!! It is difficult for me to understand why people break rules. If everyone follows them so much chaos can be avoided and we can have a better world to live in. I can go on and on about the way people drive on roads, why everyone is in such a hurry and need to overtake everyone. People drive so rashly and everyone wants to be ahead of others. The places where I have seen people talking on cell phones while driving – in middle of the crossroads, at the top of a 2 lane over bridge, just at the turn of lanes and so on. They don’t understand that this leads to inconvenience of other drivers but who is supposed to think of others nowadays!!! While watching a movie there are so many who talk
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  • Madhura | 08-Apr-2017
    On a very pleasant summmer evening, as I was playing hostess to friends from my hometown, the topic of feminism cropped up. It started off as a harmless discussion where two people (because the other two were only audience) were sharing their views on this rather delicate and sensitive issue but it very soon snowballed into an ugly argument between one drunk person and the bound-by-duty and hence (reluctantly) polite hostess. I realized that I might be feminist. During the discussion/argument, my guest kept repeating that it was God's will and hence man and woman are made differently and we must accept it. He wanted me to accept (among a lot of other unacceptable things) that women are "designed" to take care of household and kids and men are just "meant" to earn the bread. As I was defending my stance, I realised that I am indeed banging my head against a wall. Because my conversation partner was a regressive man with extremely prehistoric views about women and the roles they should play. Following this deb
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  • Madhura | 07-Apr-2017
    I married a decade ago and came to Bangalore. I had pictured the city very differently than what had materialised in front of me. I quickly started missing my Pune and realised that it is going to take a lot out of me to "like" Bangalore as I love Pune. The food, the people and the culture seemed so much different. I remember asking my sister-in-law "Why is everyone staring at me like that? Do they know I don't understand Kannada?" She said "That's okay. You can stare right back at them". Obviously I did not. I found out and I can say it with my experience that fair skinned people are often stared at in Bangalore. Go ahead, judge me and call me rascist. But it's true. I started working and out popped a series of experiences that are very typical to a city in South India. Questions like "Are you a Brahmin?" ; (touching and sometimes even holding my Mangalasutra)"How many grams is that?"; (literally touching my cheeks) "Are you sure you don't have any foundation on?"; "How come you eat non veg in spite of
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  • Meghna Desai | 07-Apr-2017
    The word 'rant' piqued my interest. Could I actually put all the static and chatter going on in my head day in and day out into a coherent thought?What we say and what we actually do are sometimes in complete and utter contrast, the same is true for what we preach and what we inturn expect.My little one soon turns 3 and also starts school, jury is out if I am elated to get some free time or if cutting the cord is going to throw me into depression. She's already this socially aware , happy and talkative child and inquisitive to a T. She learns faster than we can teach her and I love that her innocence has kept her honest. She is honest, which is what we have been trying to imbibe in her a anyways....... But that , with the terrible twos making an appearance means a very defiant and honest "No" overshadows every conversation, opinion and requirement. Can't really blame her it's the word most used around her and with it the annoyed exasperated tone wherein the 'N' is followed by a long ooooooo a few exclamation​
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    Mehak Mirza Prabhu | 29-Mar-2017
    Now that’s what I call a perfect family! The kids; one boy, one girl, have just the right age difference between them. The little girl has her mother’s tumbling black hair and her dad’s big eyes. The boy, though does not show any striking resemblance to either parent, seems to be attached to his mother with glue. They are sitting on a blue beach mat with a picnic spread around them. A red ball is resting on a juice bottle and a stuffed teddy stares at the little girl with his ever awake wide wondering eyes. The girl is busy digging sand for the under construction castle next to her, which looks way too good to have been made by such tiny hands. Maybe her mother was helping her earlier, who is now attending to the little boy’s need for attention. He is smiling so hard that it seems she must have just tickled him. Dad dear is relaxing and looking extremely handsome. Specially with the light falling on his face, lighting up his eyes and smile and hair and torso, making it very difficult
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  • Beyond the Gender Code
    GOLAKAR | 27-Mar-2017
    “Times they are a-changing”, these eternal words of Dylan’s have never been more relevant than they are today. Everything around us is really changing at the speed of light, except maybe the number of women leaders in business. A Catalyst report revealed, women held under a quarter (24%) of senior roles across the world in 2016—an increase of only 3% from 2011. At this rate of change, women will not reach parity with men until 2060. Across the globe, the fundamental issue we are facing today is the lack of great leaders who can bring people together to encourage diversity in thinking; and we need them in substantial numbers. There exists, currently, a strong inclination to personify male leaders with masculine characteristics and women leaders with feminine characteristics. Hence, in the hyper-masculine world of business, diversity has become synonymous with the number of women in leadership positions. In search of diversity, and with the intent of equality, many organisations have sta
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  • Randomthoughts | 09-Mar-2017
    We celebrated Womens Day yesterday - which in today's world means exchanging messages on wts-up, social media, etc. about how we are a superior lot, why should we not be suppressed, why we deserve equality... In addition we have celebrations @ work, special treatment for us at office, restaurants, shopping discounts n all....One day to celebrate being a Women!!! All of this put me into thinking. What exactly do we want? Do we want the world to consider us equal to Men? Do we want the world to recognise the so called sacrifices we make as a Daughter, Wife, Daughter-in-law, Mother...Do we want the world to recognise that we are special as we can give birth to a child...Are we expecting special treat or are we expecting to be treated as equals? What exactly do we want??? Are we Equal, are we Superior, are we Weak??? Why can't we just accept who we are? If the Creator wanted Men and Women to be equal, why would have he created 2 genders: male and female...The fact that there exists 2 genders, means the two
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  • Priyanshi Banerjee | 21-Feb-2017
    Close your eyes for a second and go back to that day when you stayed quiet while someone did one that one evil thing- fight! Now burst that bubble of thought and feel the flames within you which are way more hotter than global warming. Isn’t it crazy the way we curse a person twenty eight times, abuse for the seventy sixth time and kill them for the fifth time in seven different ways down in our mind yet stay numb in front of that very same person? Well, yes it is. And when I dig down to find the reason behind my silence, I find the roots of tolerance. Its only our tolerance and patience I suppose which is the main cause of the grudges which seem to tear our entrails. There is a fine line between patience and cowardice but this fine line doesn’t seem to be fine enough to be seen by people. Our patience is mistaken by their cowardice, basic error in interpretation I guess? But be it Ancient history or a layman’s life, wrong interpretation creates a domino effect which falls down eventually towards interna
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  • Love
    Vaidehi Punjabi | 19-Feb-2017
    Don't ever believe someone who says Love is easy and beautiful. Or it should be. You don't need that kind of half truth in your life. Because...Love should be easy and beautiful, but it also should be tough and nerve wrecking Love should test your patience, your limits, your boundaries, and emerge. Yes, you shouldn't have to work so hard to get a little love, but who would value it and for how long, if it was always there readily available?  Let's get real. True love is tough. It's almost impossible. It's gut wrenching. It's the kind where you wanna pull your hair, smack your other half, kick them in the butt, but still want to be with them. Through all of it and never have it any other way or with someone else. That's true love.  Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.
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  • Muskaan- All grown up!
    Kalamwali | 20-Jan-2017
    Today I write about the same little girl Muskaan, who isn't that little anymore. She is growing up. Growing up faster than I would have liked. And why don't I like that she is growing up so fast? Here is why!  Muskaan, who for the past three years, has smiled and waved at me from wherever she spotted me, has spoken to me despite the noise, heat, dust and pollution at the signal and made each of the long waits at that signal bearable; has suddenly stopped doing it. And why has she stopped doing it? Over the past couple of months, each time Muskaan spoke to me, she asked me for things. Sometimes clothes, sometimes food and sometimes money (not 10 or 20 Rupees. Directly 100-200 Rupees). I gave her food a few times; not leftovers but packed food. I could't give her clothes as I didn't want to give her used clothes; and money? Well we all know what actually happens with that money.  One day she raised her voice and said, "tum kyun mujhe paisa nahi deti ho? (why don't you ever give me money?". To that
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