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By Madhura in Daily Musings
Updated 08:33 IST Jul 23, 2017

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Through thick and thin till eternity. That's what friendship means to me. Friends are family to me but family is seldom friends. I've kept friends at a pedestal through my life. Globalisation puts so much geographical distance between friends today. Kilometers have never reduced the closeness to my true friends. I've always been a person who takes the initiative to text or call friends irrespective of distance and the differentiating time zones. My theory is to pick up the phone and do the needful. My relationship with several of my closest friends has been volatile and action packed to say the least. I've fought and quarrelled with them and hugged and missed them with equal intensity. So much that friends with whom I've fought keep popping in my dreams in random scenarios. The purity of this relationship is never based on any factor but the willingness to "remain" what we were and are to each other. Having friends, who care about you and love you is a true blessing which is incomparable to any amount of wealth. It's an investment which showers you with immeasurable returns. Through the many mistakes that I've made in my life (which I'm more than willing to admit), I've learnt a very valuable lesson. A sturdy friend's circle is your greatest strength. Treasure it and go to any lengths to keep it alive. 

Tell me, who did you think of after reading this article? Pick up the phone and do the needful. Because.....yaaron...dosti badi hi haseen hain. Ye na ho to kya phir bolo zindagi hain?

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Shiva 23-Jul-2017 10:32

Many names cropped up in my mind while reading this. And I think you can guess one of those names :)

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