* Experience with Corona! When Positive meant Negative for me!

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COVID 19- An Experience
Date- 7th to 23rd November 2020

When the word “Positive” was a Negative news for me!

It all started with a mild fever I got on the night of 5th November. I was to run my first half marathon on the 8th of November and was looking forward to it. But just as a precaution, I did my RTPCR, full swab test in the morning of the 7th. Even though I was energetic, had no recurring fever nor any other symptoms. I was quite sure that the test would be negative. But when I got the reports that evening, to my shock, I had tested positive. This was the first time when the word “positive” was negative for me. I read and re read the report many times. I checked with the family hoping that there was a mistake in my reading. But I was wrong and the report was right. I had COVID-19.

I immediately rang Poona Hospital and connected with Dr Manoj Chaurasiya. He was extremely quick to respond.I was asked to come for a chest scan the same night, given my age. To our relief, the load on the chest was very minimal and I was told I could be treated at home. My treatment started instantly. An early test, quick diagnosis and immediate treatment helped me a lot. On one side I was in a shock but on the other, I was immensely grateful that I didn’t need to be hospitalised. To be Room quarantined was my next challenge.

One report separated me from my family and near and dear ones. The family was also home quarantined. I felt terrible that I was the reason for the whole family to be confined to the four walls of the house. Nobody would be able to step out, go to work. Just nothing. The housemaids were also forbidden from coming to work and whatever we needed was delivered by a runner boy appointed by our society, to our flat. The house door which has always been known to welcome everyone, was closed for everyone, inside out and outside in. There was a red barrier outside our flat and a sticker stating the dates of quarantine period. Initially I was thinking “why me”? Especially, because I am fit for my age. I run, play tennis and was careful about maintaining social distancing. Also rejecting invites to big get-togethers, meetings, functions etc.

Next stage was of thinking about all the things I was going to miss- my half marathon run, Diwali, travelling for the vacation and so on. My life! And the thing I was going to miss the most was meeting my daughter and my grandchildren. I was also missing my every day tennis, coffee with my friends and runs. I realised that I was taking so many things for granted which were now suddenly out of my reach.

For a while, I also trying to solve the mystery as to where I might have caught the infection. But the productive part of mind decided not to get into it or suspect anyone and be prejudiced about the person. My mind got into the acceptance mode very soon.

As my quarantine began from the 7th night, so did my journey. It was a small bedroom which was my world for 17 days. My room door opened only for food and other necessities. That was the only hope to see my family. That too from more than 6 ft. away. My constant companions were the thermometer, oximeter, steam inhaler, and all the medicines. In totality, there were 24 things as a part of the treatment to be done throughout the day. I made a check list of all this.

My entire world was only my room. Each thing in it was so normal but was of great importance to me now. And the most important was the door and the window. Especially the window for the light, fresh air and my only source of sight of the outside world. Every noise, every word heard, even little of traffic and horns heard were interesting to me.

For the first time, I explored and noticed every corner of my room. Made friends with every inch of the room. A calendar on the door back was my support. I used to mark every day at the end of the day and used to get satisfaction of one less day to stay confined. On the 3rd day I went to the hospital again to run some blood test and do an x ray. Even that small visit to the hospital felt exciting.

Those results came out clean as well and I was told I was a mild case of COVID-19. I had no symptoms, had a good appetite, good sleep, was full of energy, had no temperature, no body ache, no cough no cold. Had full senses, no loss of taste and smell. I called the lab to check again if by any chance there was some confusion with my reports and I was perhaps not infected at all. But turns out, there was no getting out of this situation any sooner.

As days passed, I got accustomed to the new environment. The room also started appearing spacious to me. I spent most of the day sleeping so passing time was not a problem. But yet, time was abundant and clock and schedule were suddenly meaningless to me. Clothes were not important as I did not have to meet and show myself to anyone. Automatically I became more minimalistic. I used to look forward to having a brief glimpse and talk with family, off course wearing a mask and speaking from a distance.

My family took utmost care of me and were very sensitive towards me. Importance of family and near and dear ones is what will remain in my mind for ever. Since I had energy to talk on the phone I also stayed connected with friends and close relatives. Also the FaceTime calls with my daughter and grand kids was something I used to look forward to. Reading Whatsapp messages and replying to them kept me occupied. The amount of Love and blessings I received over calls and messages helped me stay positive. Love came in many other forms like special tiffins, sweets and delicacies sent by friends and relatives. Diwali also fell in this period and we received ample Diwali love too. Thankfully there were no crackers this time, so there was not disturbance on that front. We kept the runner boy busy who had to keep getting packages to our door step. On some days, there was literally no place outside the door to keep the gifts and parcels.

Our Karishma society is also very efficient and has been taking immense efforts to help COVID 19 affected families. They take care of the safety of other members of the society and help in all ways, the family which is quarantined. A big shoutout to the Pune Municipal Corporation too, for efficiently calling and checking on us if we needed any help.

Gratitude is what I started feeling more than anything else, as days passed. Instead of number of days left, I started counting number of days that had passed. I could feel the strength of my mind and started seeing half glass full. My own company is what I started enjoying. My mind became more and more positive and my body supported it. I knew I was coping well.

On the 14 the day, I was allowed to step out of my room into the house. The moment I stepped out, I felt a sudden exposure to too much light. The house felt like a very big space and there was a sudden sense of joy as soon as met my family.

From that day onwards, my family was allowed to step out and the house helpers were permitted to come for work. This brought a huge sense of relief against the guilt I was harbouring about everyone having to suffer because I tested positive. First transition was great. Now I was waiting to step out.

You know, when you’re studying for exams, you start making a list of things you wish to do once your exams are over? I was busy making such lists in my mind. And I feel blessed to say that I got the virus, got over it and finally could step out on day 18 to do things on the list.

I must also add that Nature is great. I barely have much memory of the 17 days of quarantine. It’s almost like you hardly remember what exactly happened whenever you go through a trauma. But I am grateful that I had no pain or suffering at all and could easily come out of COVID 19. 2020 has been all about COVID-19 and I experienced it fully.


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