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KALAMWALI SALUTES is a series of stories written in honour of People and Organisations who are frontline warriors helping fight the global pandemic of COVID 19 through the Lockdown.

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“Today I am going to offend someone, today I am going to write!” - Kalamwali
  • Born of Blood
    " A woman you are When will you learn? To speak softly, laugh only little, Sit neatly, walk garcefully, every breath governed!   You have to be calm and demure  Your words and thoughts and your body impure,  You bleed every month, woman, its a disgrace Ensure you hide it well and even cover your face!   Its something to be kept safe and secret  Its a curse being a woman - my biggest regret! This pain and the struggle that comes every month  This isnt the time to pull your bold stunts!   So stay at home and stay within the walls  Dont fly too much lest trouble befalls  Its a man's world we cannot change Be grateful, for us he drops his sweat!   What makes you feel you can change the world? There will only be insults and accusations hurled  At you and me for doing a bad job Unable to do more than sit and sob!   Wake up young woman! Its time to realise your fate And learn your place and duties  Before it gets too late!"
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  • abeer athar | 25-Jun-2020
    Strength is not a castle surrounded and guarded by the soldiers, strength is that sand castle near the shore that you keep making as many times as the tides wash it away.
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  • It is least about me, it is always about YOU!
    I have received many messages about the influence and impact I had on people, my positivity and the direction of my lifes journey which was inspiring and my instagram posts were looked forward to.It is an extremely humbling process and fills me with tremendous gratitude to each one of you who reached out...I have always believed that though the Giver is great, the true greatness lies in the Receiver.The Giver is giving out the same love, energy, positivity and inspiration but not all are receiving it in the same manner.To some it brings a smile while to others they draw inspiration from it.To some it is nothing more than a scroll and to others a waste of time.You are the eyes through which you see and draw lessons from it."Two men standing in jail. One sees the bars, the other sees the stars"Perspective is everything.It is least about the giver, it is always about the receiver...God gives us everything - joys and sorrows, nature and nurture. But we all derive different lessons, different levels of gratitude f
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  • sanchita | 21-Jun-2020
    An Ode to My Father. It was bright sunny morning. I was on my usual morning jog to fill my lungs with the fresh morning air. I could hear the soft chirping of the birds and could feel the bright sun. What a lovely morning to start the day with.While I was feeling the nature’s beauty I came across a six or seven year old boy being taught to ride a bicycle. He had blue coloured bicycle and the boy was with silky brown hair and red shorts and white t shirt.His father was middle aged man,neatly shaved in grey tracksuit. The memories of my childhood came gushing by when I was of around same age my father taught me to ride a bicycle. Like any other kid I too suffered many failed attempts. But my father taught me never to give up. He was a picture of patience. He was always besides me with his hand at the back of the bicycle seat again and again, as many times as I needed him to. I clearly remember the day I took off by myself I could feel the wind blowing on my face. So what, if I could not stop properly and
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  • Stir up. Stand up. Speak up.
    *I WILL SPEAK UP*So everyone has come out to talk about Mental Health!That is not only fantastic, it's a reason to celebrate!Some dint know there was a term like this. Some dint know what it meant or where to apply it.Some knew they had issues but hadn't ever defined it.Some had issues but dint know how to take the first step.Some had tools and worked on them.Some had the right listeners and friends always.Some seeked help professionally.Some are still lost...A persons IQ doesnt define him. Our core is our EQ. Tough situations, tough decisions, tough relationships, tough lives. It's the same across the sphere. How to look after your emotions is the number 1 need on any platform you are.And let's be honest, most of us have once in our life had the thought of ending our lives even if all that it was, was a passing thought. So to have tools in your hand, mediums to work on self help, or seeking a counsellor should simply be a way of life.We are not born with knowing it all and let's admit the world is full of to
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  • YOU matter
    pooja luv shah | 16-Jun-2020
    Dont get shocked,dont show sympathy,dont show how sad you are when something like this happens because it will be of no help,it will be of no use if at the right time when u knew what exactly was wrong or was happening wrong u couldnt do anything or u dint do anything for your personal benefits or just because you were too lazy to do it.. Stop putting people down for your own selfish reasons,your own insecurities,your inability to do things,your jealousy,your personal grudges..stop doing that and take a stand if u see something like this happening around you..Dont wait for something like this to happen to you and stop if its happening to others also..Be there for your loved ones..Dont make a person so miserable that its the only option left..Not everyone is mentally and emotionally strong enough to take shit this world has to offer..Hats off to all the people who have gone through terrible times and still stood strong but to the people who are broken because of some ruthless selfish people around them,trust
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  • Chetanea | 13-Jun-2020
    Alag ho kar bhi tum mujhse,  Kushi se reh nahi paaye.  Judaa toh ho gaye lekin,  Judaai seh nahi paaye.  Dukhi meh bhi is liye nahi,  Ki tumne mujhe nakaar diyaa,  Rota toh me iss liye hu,  Ki tumne kabhi mauka hi mujhe naa diyaa. 
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  • Smurf-tastic Mommy
    Team Kalamwali | 12-Jun-2020
    By Adah Somji   The month of May , is one of my favourite months. It gives me a chance to be more grateful to my mother. Why? Because it’s Mothers day!! Mothers day is the day you spend time with your mother and love her even more. Mothers day this year , was celebrated on 10 th May. On this day , I decided to show a lot of appreciation for my mother to make her feel special. I call her my Smurffy and Cupcake as she’s always so goofy with me. Mothers day was nearing... and boy!! I wanted to make it memorable in the lockdown. So I thought , let’s brainstorm with dad. We came up with 4 exciting ideas. He would get a personalized cake arranged along with a few balloons for decoration and also arrange to create a beautiful video of photos on the song “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. In the meanwhile , I had to prepare a treasure hunt for mom which would make her laugh her lungs out. I started making clues on paper using my creativity. Each clue was hidden in a different part of t
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  • Aditya | 09-Jun-2020
    Most decisions are either celebrated or ridiculed in retrospect..! While nobody makes a conscious decision to fail, only a minuscule few are made with strong anticipation of success. Even then it is just a judgement call and not a sure shot prophecy of success. Much later such decisions are praised as visionary, rest are criticised. But as I said the jury assessment happens much later, with the comfort and cushioning of data and other historical evidence. As Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw said, “For someone to be a good leader, the key is to take a decision and then accept full responsibility for it. An incorrect decision can be corrected, indecision cannot be..!” What separates, rather elevates a person from the stature of an analyst to that of a leader is this little intangible ability to make a decision, at the point when it matters, despite the analyst’s best effort to paralyse the process with conflicting data. Look around, do you see analysts masquerading as leaders or do you see some
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  • I will not teach my child not to discriminate and here's why! #alllivesmatter
    Diyaa | 03-Jun-2020
        Waking up to a morning Azaan is the most beautiful sound that stirs my soul. It takes me to another world that's full of serenity and love.   Mentioning the word 'allah' comes so naturally to a Hindu like me, it’s no surprise.   Growing up, most of my friends were Muslims and Catholics. All of this felt only ordinary to me as a child. I was respected for my choices and not told otherwise.   I believe we cannot teach our kids to love or hate. Their minds are as pure as their souls. They don't even know they could or couldn’t make friends based on religion, colour or creed! They are purely born with the intention of loving and receiving love. It is very typical of my four year old to keep kissing my cheek and hugging me at every interval for no reason. This is what they are and they need. Purely Love.   As parents what we can do is only to empower the 'humanitarian' in them. Let them choose their friends. Let them love and like who they want. We cannot let
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  • Lockdown Diaries
    Jyoti | 01-Jun-2020
    When the first lockdown for 21 days was announced I was like how will these 21 days pass? It was my immediate reaction after the announcement as no one has ever been subjected to such a thing and the concept was a bit difficult to digest initially but here I am writing this after 4 lockdowns and a 5th on its way(I wrote this para before Unlock 1 was announced) and I can say that I have gotten used to this lockdown and am in a pretty good state both physically and mentally! (No offence to people who are facing hardships) With professionals, lack of time is always an excuse not to do many things and then put the blame on time (or lack of) but now with 24 hours at your disposal and no-where to go the blame game cannot be played. So, with no excuse for not exercising, I am happy that I have stuck to a regular routine of yoga and meditation which otherwise I could not practice. With limited resources available in the kitchen you realise the importance of simple home cooked meals. Also, it is not that difficult t
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  • सपना भी मे, सच्चाई भी मे!
    Deepak Bhansali | 26-May-2020
    अंधेरा भी मे, उजाला भी मे, मे हु तो सब है, मे नहीं तो कुछ भी नहींI   देखो तो नज़रियाँ हु, दिखाओ तो नज़ाकत हु, ख़ामोशी की ज़ुबान हु, झुक गयी तो अपमान हुI   ख़ुशी भी मे, गम भी मे, दोनों मौको मे नम भी मे, दूर भी मे, पास भी मे, आस भी मे, एहसास भी मेI   न हो पायी मुलाक़ात हु, अनकहे अनसुने जज़बात हु, बंद हु तो सपने हु, खुल गयी तो सच्चाई हुI   हालातो से सिख गयी तो इंसान हु, हालातो को बिक गयी तो हैवान हु, मे तुम्हारी आँखे हु, चाहो तो आज़ादी, चाहो तो सलांखे हुI
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