Kadak Laxmi

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 Kadak Laxmi

The reason a lot of kids in my generation grew up decently behaved is thanks to the “Kadak Laxmi” phenomenon. The fear for this community was embedded into us since childhood.

Kadak Laxmi as we referred to them were often queer, with heavy vermilion, turmeric and kajal smeared across their faces. They would lash themselves with thick whips made up of woven coir.
The resonance which erupted from the belligerent face off between the whip and air, still evokes a certain degree of nervousness witness me.

Today, I walked into my childhood fear, head on.

This Kadak Laxmi gave me an insight into how this tradition is passed down over generations. Being nomads, he wandered with his family seeking alms and watching them perform their gruelling routine. For him, this was normal and this profession, a natural progression. 
When I questioned him about his family, his eyes softened. He had two children, studying at school.
They disapproved of this profession and were deeply embarrassed of their father.
He told me, he now works till 2pm and gets back home, normally dressed so that his kids are not ashamed.

I grew up in a society where I have always witnessed, children prioritising parental validation and striving to make them proud.
This poignant story of a father seeking dignity from his young children was an eye opener.

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