Unknown Adventure

By Team Kalamwali in Junior Kalam
Updated 15:12 IST May 18, 2019

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A work of fiction by our junior kalamkar Hiyasha Khatri 

St. Mary's School.

                                          Unknown Adventure


Rosey was a witch and her neighbour was Mia. Mia was a vampire. They both lived in a cave. But they were not friends and almost evertime use to fight. One day a monster was creeping behind Roseyand he pounced on her. She got so scared that she started shouting and ran, which made Mia too scared and ran behind her. It looked like they were racing and Rosey was in the lead.

Oh! They realised that they have reached the moon. Rosey is now very scared but Mia tells her to calm down and not to panic. Mia says to Rosey don't worry we will find our way back home. 

They are very hungry now and find a tree full of candies on the moon. They eat lof of cadies. Suddenly Mia said look our footprints and they both jumped for joy. They started following the path and soon reached back home and were very happy. 

Rosey said thank you for help and good support. From that day they became good friend.


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