No regrets. Just numb.

By nehapanchamiya in Daily Musings
Updated 13:03 IST Apr 17, 2018

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To watch a life leave its body at a time in moment that you determined, is numbing.
To watch a life become lifeless and be carried for burial knowing you were part of the call, is numbing. 
To know that you will go back tomorrow and have to make similar decisions again, is numbing. 
Numbing, because you cannot be allowed to feel a thing...because if I cry right now, I will not stop, and then how I will I make the right decisions tomorrow again? 
For whoever said working with animals is so much fun and called me lucky for being able to follow my passion, days like today, make me want to scowl at them and offer them to wear my shoes, on a day like today. 
No regrets. Just numb. 
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