• When the Wuhan nemesis came too close for comfort!
    Jyoti | 31-Jul-2020
    Being a doctor, I was aware that sooner or later I will have to face the enemy but the way the enemy crept upon me was a total shock. I was exercising regularly, eating healthy and taking all the precautions needed to keep the enemy at bay and even if I had to face the battlefield, I thought I would be ready mentally and physically. But I was not ready for the way I got pushed into the battlefield without a warning! I was on duty on Saturday and was looking forward for the Sunday off but on Sunday morning I woke up feeling feverish and lethargic. I measured the temperature which was not fever by medical definition. I thought it to be common flu as it was a long time since I suffered one so I went about my routine without any worry. Tuesday night I got a message that Saturday I had been in contact with a person who has tested positive for corona virus and all my sane thoughts flew out of the window. I panicked so much that I couldn’t think straight. I packed my bag ready to bolt out of the house in the
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  • Walking towards Ru
    As per the Hindu calendar, my birthday falls on Guru Poornima. To think of it deeply...i wouldn't have whisked my way on Earth on any other day! . . Gu- means darkness and Ru- means Light. A guru takes you from darkness to light. For me, Gu (darkness) itself is the brightest Ru (light) In the dark cocoon, a butterfly is born. Breakdowns teach breakthroughs. Rock bottom is the turning point. Reflection is Rebirth. Healing requires Hurting. Even the Cosmos requires Chaos to grow! . . My biggest Guru is Poornima.  The Moon doesn't steal the darkness. It only unveils the beauty of the dark through its light. It is because of the dark sky, that we meet this light. Theres so much than meets the sk-eye!  From Gu, it starts its journey towards Ru. Mindful and aware, learning through each phase. Glowing through each turn and becoming Poorna. And then ever so gently, it starts its journey towards darkness once again, knowing that all growth lies in there.  Gu-Ru is a never ending process in
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  • YOU matter
    pooja luv shah | 16-Jun-2020
    Dont get shocked,dont show sympathy,dont show how sad you are when something like this happens because it will be of no help,it will be of no use if at the right time when u knew what exactly was wrong or was happening wrong u couldnt do anything or u dint do anything for your personal benefits or just because you were too lazy to do it.. Stop putting people down for your own selfish reasons,your own insecurities,your inability to do things,your jealousy,your personal grudges..stop doing that and take a stand if u see something like this happening around you..Dont wait for something like this to happen to you and stop if its happening to others also..Be there for your loved ones..Dont make a person so miserable that its the only option left..Not everyone is mentally and emotionally strong enough to take shit this world has to offer..Hats off to all the people who have gone through terrible times and still stood strong but to the people who are broken because of some ruthless selfish people around them,trust
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  • I will not teach my child not to discriminate and here's why! #alllivesmatter
    Diyaa | 03-Jun-2020
        Waking up to a morning Azaan is the most beautiful sound that stirs my soul. It takes me to another world that's full of serenity and love.   Mentioning the word 'allah' comes so naturally to a Hindu like me, it’s no surprise.   Growing up, most of my friends were Muslims and Catholics. All of this felt only ordinary to me as a child. I was respected for my choices and not told otherwise.   I believe we cannot teach our kids to love or hate. Their minds are as pure as their souls. They don't even know they could or couldn’t make friends based on religion, colour or creed! They are purely born with the intention of loving and receiving love. It is very typical of my four year old to keep kissing my cheek and hugging me at every interval for no reason. This is what they are and they need. Purely Love.   As parents what we can do is only to empower the 'humanitarian' in them. Let them choose their friends. Let them love and like who they want. We cannot let
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  • Lockdown Diaries
    Jyoti | 01-Jun-2020
    When the first lockdown for 21 days was announced I was like how will these 21 days pass? It was my immediate reaction after the announcement as no one has ever been subjected to such a thing and the concept was a bit difficult to digest initially but here I am writing this after 4 lockdowns and a 5th on its way(I wrote this para before Unlock 1 was announced) and I can say that I have gotten used to this lockdown and am in a pretty good state both physically and mentally! (No offence to people who are facing hardships) With professionals, lack of time is always an excuse not to do many things and then put the blame on time (or lack of) but now with 24 hours at your disposal and no-where to go the blame game cannot be played. So, with no excuse for not exercising, I am happy that I have stuck to a regular routine of yoga and meditation which otherwise I could not practice. With limited resources available in the kitchen you realise the importance of simple home cooked meals. Also, it is not that difficult t
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  • I am Woman
    Manali Jobanputra | 10-May-2020
    In every walk of life, we have umpteen times faced patriarchy and misogyny. It began so early that even the games we played were 'ghar ghar' or 'kitchen kitchen' while the boys played with cars, balls etc. Our minds were too tender to realize the bias. We were raised in a way to perceive misogyny and sexism as normal. It was etched in our minds that we are subordinate to males and our roles are confined within the four walls. Indian women are wired since childhood that they are 'Paraya dhan' (Somebody else's Wealth) and that eventually have to go to someone else's house and be the heir to their MIL's responsibilities and duties. Every woman has countless times heard 'sasural jaake kya karegi ?' (What will you do at your in-law's house?) referring to her inabilities in the kitchen or other household chores. Men, on the other hand are pampered and praised even if they footle all day. It is indoctrinated to us that there are only two goals of muliebrity : 1. Marriage and 2. Motherhood. Sadly even today, everyt
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  • Dr Sana Khan | 26-Apr-2020
    I have a page on Instagram and a channel on YouTube. I write on Quora too and have 34k views on my content.  Of course my YouTube channel is 15 days old, but my Instagram page is a one year old now so is my Quora account.  Content creation is a very demanding as well as a satisfying job at the same time. Working for something as an interest when you don't get anything for it is difficult, but you don't have any deadlines to meet, you feel good when people read stuff you write about.  I'll just describe the process :  Selection of a topic. A topic that is based on your theme is to be selected.  Research:Then I search authentic medicine references for providing purely scientific content.  Time: yes. Time is a major factor when you are in the middle of a lockdown and have millions of household chores to carry out. Of course I'm quite lazy and dislike doing chores but you have your mother after you. And laziness surrounds you at times. Aah lazy times are the ones where you don'
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    Deepak Bhansali | 25-Apr-2020
    They say beauty is a superficial aspect. Abs and zero figures don’t matter anymore. The perception of love has changed. But has it? What if the love of your life – say the most beautiful person in town – meets with an unfortunate accident and ends up impaired & crippled? Would you still love them the same? Let me take you through a true story. A story that redefined the meaning of love, commitment, and the relationship of a husband and a wife, teaching me a new, pure and loyal perception of love! Supriya was the prettiest girl in the entire college. A glamorous fashionista, her stunning beauty never left a head unturned. Suraj was the handsome heart throb of the college. Girls would die to date him. Implicitly both of them fell in love with each other, shattering the hearts of many. With an unchallengeable chemistry, they were perfect together! They dated for few years and once they set a strong foothold of their individual careers, they got married. Suraj was an entrepreneur and S
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    abeer athar | 04-Apr-2020
    Maybe for once in a millennial  This generation has stood by  With the apocalypse, a pandemic - designated by The blue skies and bluer oceans  Gauging fathoms of crystal clear foams With the extinct of the iron monsters , smoking pipes  And the handicapped motor vehicles  Perished like a wrinkled woman, with two and even four legs  The grasslands and the city life , all submerged into the one horizon  Oh is it the exotic melancholy of this agathokakological predicament  The wilderness of the grasslands have baptised the civilised castles  And the ocean life restoring to its origin  With no strokes of smokes , hitting the plumes of an eagle  The crowd of the city life , hinged within their big castles and small houses  All poking their faces in evening, out of their windows , on the terrace  Scrutinizing the gravity of the ephemeral ordeal, with opinions, sharp and thin  Out of the human breast  Till when ? Questioning
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    Deepak Bhansali | 01-Apr-2020
    The nation is completely locked down and I am home quarantined for a month. No office and not much work. So I wake up late, pass my day thinking what to do and end up doing nothing, watch movies or series till late night and sleep with no hope of waking up early. And repeat the same routine again. And again. Then one day, a few thoughts jumped into my mind. Why do I feel empty and clueless without office? Is my life limited to my work? Is earning money the only objective of my life? At this age, bounded with so many responsibilities and career ambitions, I would never get so much time away from the rat race of life, from the same old routine of running behind money and handling my responsibilities. This is my best chance to go back to my journey and re-visit the lost moments. God has given me the opportunity to repair, reconstruct, revive and restore things which knowingly or unknowingly got neglected or left untouched. So I started listing down the things, things which I always desired but could no
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  • Aditya | 22-Mar-2020
    It was day 4 of the course. By then I had overcome the fluctuating mental resolve, the ups and downs most students experience. The night before, one of the students had scaled the wall and ran away, unable to endure the process anymore. Not that we were not warned before. On day zero the teacher did brief us, “this course is like a surgery, once you commit to it, you have to go through it till the stitches are done, you cannot just abandon the process half way, with your mind opened up’’. Yet the fellow had run away, but I had managed to devise a strategy of my own. “Two test matches, back to back and one session at a time”, I had told myself. It helped me to break it down into smaller tasks and tackle it one at a time, allowing me small victories. So it was day 4 and having spent three days learning and practicing the Anapana technique, finally it was time to learn Vipassana. I was eager to know what the big deal was. I had heard stories about people discovering their chakras
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  • Dr Sana Khan | 11-Jan-2020
    When you aren't happy and you cannot express it..it's horrible There aren't any responsibilities upon you yet you have to shoulder somebody else's responsibility just for the word of mouth.  When you die inside everyday and have become like a live corpse yet you are living  When your efforts don't bear any fruits  And your prayers have become so ineffective that you don't think any miracle will ever happen again When you're free in actual life yet you are caught up due to work place responsibility that will Never ever bear any fruit yet God only knows what karma debt you are paying.  It's bad... it's so bad that you are sorry for yourself...  You're at your worst of emotional state when you know you will be orphaned on a certain day not by your parents but others... Life never was so bad and it was never so dependent on anybody else as it is now.  On sharing stuff with friends they say Resign but it's difficult because you're Trapped..  When you can see time fleeti
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  • Super structures
    Aditya | 07-Jan-2020
    The only election I ever contested was for being the class monitor in 10th standard, which I lost to a very good friend of mine. No shame in accepting that he was a better student in every way; polite, studious, humorous, friendly, good in sports and good in arts. Of course he was excellent in subjects and ranked in the top three. He was the better choice and our fellow students knew it and did well to vote for him. It did not matter what his name was, which caste and which religion he belonged to. All that mattered was competence. Oh and it didn’t matter whether the kid was a he or a she. A few years later some of us batch mates met for dinner, by then we were doing well with our respective careers and pursuits. Couple of drinks down and having indulged in nostalgia for a long time, the conversation slowly drifted to films, then to cricket and finally to politics. One of our friend who was connected with a political party took the lead and the conversation quickly turned unpleasant. He kept on talking
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  • Bliss
    Aditya | 24-Dec-2019
    If you are driving a car.., on a particularly pleasant evening.., with someone sitting next to you.., and listening to a song on the stereo, if you are getting goosebumps.., your eyes are getting moist.., you are having a lump in your throat., and you are shivering with that feeling…   Then you turn around..,  see that the person sitting next to you.., is going through exactly the same set of feelings.., then my dear you are in a state of absolute bliss..!
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  • Dr Sana Khan | 15-Dec-2019
    You dream of it and I have it  There was once a Prince . When the prince was born his father the king invited all the fairies but he forgot to invite one fairy. Now this fairy gate-crashed the party and she didn't curse the Prince. Instead she blessed the Prince. She blessed him that he would be extremely good at whatever he does. The Prince grew up to be very talented and good at everything he did. He was so good at everything that he got bored with it and went on changing his interest. At the end he was left being the Jack of all trades and the masters of none. The blessing turned into a curse.  This is our generation. Our generation is so good at all the things that it's difficult to wait and hang around in one field.   
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  • A cool head and a sweet speech keeps untoward events out of reach! (to some extent)
    Jyoti | 26-Nov-2019
    Before a few years, I had the privilege to meet Deepa Malik – she is an athlete, biker, swimmer and first Indian woman to win medals in Paralympic category. At that time, I didn’t know her story but after meeting her in a corporate event (she was a motivational speaker) and hearing her story, I googled her. Her story is truly an inspiring and amazing one.  For those who do not know, she was diagnosed with a spinal tumour at the age of 36, which left her paralysed below the waist. After this tragedy she decided to enter sports and now has many awards and recognitions to her name. I still remember her one sentence which she said has helped her sail through her medical crisis and the life afterwards. It is “dimaag par baraf and muh mein chini” which means a cool head and a sweet speech. She said that she was in such a phase of life that for all the things, she was dependent on others and couldn’t do anything on her own. When you are independent in life and if a tragedy strikes
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