Aarya Bamb

It comes with sway , And kisses the beings and the bay,  With a smile it blows gently,  And with its attributed power it moves the trees.    Sometimes it is malevolent,  But sometimes it is sweet.  Sometimes it changes itself in a gale and to... read more...
12-Dec-2020 • 350 views
If you ask me what is motivation , motivation is push in your life. The whole society around you is to pull you down . But a golden person who has experience and knows the value of time gives you that push . That push can be given to you by your parents... read more...
16-Nov-2021 • 177 views
It gives some grace ,  It gives some happiness , It gives some love , It gives some freedom .   It came in my life like a boon , with my calmness in it .  It came in my life like a harmful one , with UV rays in it .    It comes... read more...
25-Nov-2021 • 173 views
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Lockdown 2020 gave me a chance , to be attribute in music , literature , art and dance.   It came with some positiveness , but bought covid - 19 , to break the united world , still I am serene .   It's fertile , But I have no malice for it , As it's  the... read more...
25-Nov-2021 • 213 views
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