Welcome to Kalamwali.com, World of Words

Kalamwali.com was conceived one afternoon amidst meditation and deep thinking about life. After all life is about what we achieve from every moment we live. And how would we know what we have achieved unless we ponder upon it and express, right?

Kalamwali.com is exactly about that. It's about awakening your talent. About acknowledging it, admiring it and appreciating it. Social media has in many ways awakened the skill of using words in us. But we certainly got more than that. We have a constantly functioning mind that creates beautiful thoughts. Thoughts which need to be expressed, shared and evaluated. www.Kalamwali.com was brought into existence for the same.

It is a Writer's paradise, a platform to express through words. If u feel you have thoughts that can be backed by words, go ahead. Pen them down, type them out, narrate them. But verbalize them. Don't lose them to routine, boredom or monotony. At Kalamwali.com, we wish to create a world for all those who have immense love for words; where words, only words and a lot of words live.

This is the place to scribble your hearts out and make the dream of creating a 'World of Words' a reality. You may write about anything that enthuses you, amuses you, possesses you or elates you. Also don't forget to share those words once you are done arranging them.

Looking forward to bedecking this page with your precious thoughts and words. Start writing. Keep writing.


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