What is Kalamwali?

Kalamwali is a sentiment, which sets one free of the bounds that the mind has created.
Kalamwali is an expedition, of a writer who is strolling amidst doubts and possibilities.
Kalamwali is a door that welcomes simplicity, fearlessness and the freedom of expression.
As you walk through this door, you will encounter tremendous personal growth. You will also
experience the familiarity of being amidst the like-minded as Kalamwali is a community for
anyone and everyone who enjoys expressing their thoughts through literature. Kalamwali is
this feeling of togetherness, as the Kalamkars, write, read, appreciate and encourage each
other in this journey of expression. And find their voice through words as they exercise their
Right to Write!

Who is Kalamwali?

Kalamwali is a person, whose ardour for writing is exuberant. Kalamwali herself is an
observational writer. Her literature is as honest as someone’s morning skin, as simple as a
river flowing and one can resonate because these are anecdotes from daily life. You don’t
need to be think intensely to feel these emotions. Her specialty is converting daily musings
into crisp literature that awakens thoughts in the minds of readers.

Why Kalamwali?

Kalamwali is an online publishing platform also offering offline publishing services. It’s your
notepad to pen your thoughts down and share with like minded people. It’s also your place to
realise your book dream. We help you with anything and everything you need to publish your
book. We provide an extensive list of services starting from proofreading and editing your
book to marketing the published copy!

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