Creative Writing Workshop 101

by Priyanka Menon on 14th & 15th January 2017
These pieces of Literature were conceived and nurtured during Kalamwali's Creative Writing Workshop 101 organised by Team Kalamwali, conducted by Priyanka Menon. Day 1 was all about Prose and Day 2 covered Poetry.
Now it's time to name our child. Siddharth,Rahul or Rohan. I was named Ankita, an "anguthachaap". My bother Aniket, one withought a house. Or parents were mocked. We were laughed at, for having such inauspicious names. So now it's time to name our child. How do u... read more...
16-Jan-2017 • 796 views
Better be prepared for what you are going to face, Because the world you are going to enter creates a judgement on every step; Because the world you are going to enter frets even on the name you get, They'll pull you down and down and further But... read more...
16-Jan-2017 • 830 views
"What's in a name?" rechoed the mother, "identity" replied the father, "Don't we give our child the identity", asserted the father, "Or do we let her create it on her own," smiled the mother. The mothers are always right, thought the 3 day old daughter.   Ankeetaa read more...
15-Jan-2017 • 903 views

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