Now it's time to name our child.

By Ankita Kulkarni in Poems » Short
Updated 19:15 IST Jan 16, 2017

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Now it's time

to name our child.

Siddharth,Rahul or Rohan.

I was named Ankita,

an "anguthachaap".

My bother Aniket,

one withought a house.

Or parents were mocked.

We were laughed at,

for having such inauspicious names.

So now it's time

to name our child.

How do u decide?

What to pick

withought it being misinterpreted?

A God's name.

A philosophical meaning.

Something from the Vedas?

And now it's time 

to name our child.

A name we can proudly say.

Withought mockery,withought contempt.

With our heads held high.

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