New Found Love

By Raveena Warkad in Poems » Short
Updated 15:05 IST Jan 16, 2017

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You came and  left,

Many times.

And came again,

But I refused.

To look at you,

That beauty, that charm.

I never realised.

Until I stood in the same place as you.

Until our stories resonated at the same frequency.

Until I saw, my reflection in you,

And found me in you.

Then took solace in looking at you.

All those hardships became easier,

Owing to the presence of you.

You were my strength, my faith.

And taught me that transitions are beautiful.

One day all the dead falls apart,

And new life comes true.

I believe this to happen,

The day you bloom,

I will bloom with you.

Dear Autumn,

I am so in love with you!

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Kalamwali 18-Jan-2017 11:17

I love your writing Style

Raveena Warkad 26-Feb-2017 22:39

Thank you so much!

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