• Fashion-Wise
    Kalamwali | 27-Feb-2020
    After ending a self proclaimed writing sabbatical, or rather a writer’s block, I was toying with many ideas to finally write a piece about. I won’t lie, I have numerous, partially- written pieces in my notes about so many things I’ve been wanting to put out there. And I promise to complete those and share too. But this one just seemed to be the need of the hour! Fashion. Now fashion isn’t my field. But I’ve had flair and fondness for it. I am ‘Guilty of Gucci’ to say the least. The point is, fashion means different things to different people but it does mean something to everyone. It’s the most dynamic external influence on human mind. Well, after social media of course. But Social Media does play a huge role in everyone’s perception of fashion! Speaking of dynamic, there’s something new in the field of fashion each day. By the hour actually. Every time you open Instagram, there’s a new shirt sleeve you need to bookmark, or a heel type your
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    Manasi Bhosale | 28-Jan-2020
    With the onset of the new decade, we are all excited to welcome a whole new era of interior design. Every decade is defined by its unique design trends that change and evolve. Some trends last for years whereas some only for a season. I have to admit - there are hits and misses… So here is some sweet nostalgia for you from the past few decades-   Do u remember how the 1990s saw furniture in pinewood (almost blonde in colour), huge tv/wall units, and the daunting use of poor quality artificial plants?   The 2000s were all about granite kitchens in black and white, that one accent wall in the living room (often in lime green or orange colour) and dark wooden furniture.   The trends from the 2010s that still warmly feature in our spaces are the neutral tones, open-concept floor plans, the shabby-chic concept, and rattan furniture. My favourite from the 2010s still being the popularity of maximalism: the more-is-more concept.    Come 2020 and you have probably read hordes
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  • Wabi-Sabi- the paradoxical interior concept or another idea of beauty?
    Manasi Bhosale | 19-Nov-2019
    Wabi-Sabi- the paradoxical interior concept or another idea of beauty?   An article I was reading the other day had a picture of a blue bowl with a wide, visible crack in it. This crack was reconstructed with “golden joinery”- the repairs were conspicuous but somehow appealing. The caption said- ‘Kintsugi: the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using (lacquer) resin laced with gold’. This age-old art embraces an object with all its damage and imperfections. It reconstructs and repairs broken ceramics to give them new life so that they become even more charismatic thanks to the “disfigurement”. These objects are not to be discarded but to be displayed with a feeling of pride- they do have a unique story to tell.   The craft has become a kind of anthem in recent times: with the hope that we all may be able to embrace our experiences positively and live with our “scars of gold”!   Kintsugi pottery is often seen as an artistic expression
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  • Be exclusive... Be YOU
    Tanaya | 26-Oct-2019
                               “Fashion” is not merely a word, but more of an emotion for the apparent “digital youth” of our generation, or as we rightly call them, millennials! And why restrict this emotion to the younger crowd only? Recall those moments when middle-aged socialites discuss or more precisely roast others for their hideous choices in this stream itself, or when people are busy talking about each other’s outfits more in a wedding rather than blessing the couple! It is quite clear that no matter how hard you try to take it casually, fashion has become an inevitable part of our lives in the 21st century.                              Right from carrying a casual yet unique style in college days, to the up
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  • Classic fashion pieces every woman MUST have
    Sonal yakkundi | 25-Jun-2019
    Every woman is a fan of clothes.  You will find 1235679 clothes in their wardrobe but yet “I have nothing to wear ” is the most common sentence. There are certain MUST HAVE clothes. These clothes are mandatory, classy and can be used anywhere.  Do you have these classics in your wardrobe?             1.The white shirt   Whether paired with jeans or sleek tailored trousers, a crisp white shirt is the ultimate in multi-functional dressing. This classic cotton version by Erdem is effortlessly chic.                     2.   The leather handbag   This leather handbag from Saint Laurent is the perfect size for both work and play and will help make any ensemble look more expensive.           3.  A Black Dress   What can we say? Black is timeless, slimming and suits everyone. Yours may be an expensive Mugler number or an affor
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    Sonal yakkundi | 20-Jun-2019
    Hello you beautiful people 🖤 Fashion to me means, being comfortable in whatever you wear. Carrying it in such a manner that you are confident about it. Every person has a different style, fashion sense and a different taste. We all are different. As the monsoon is right around the corner, or you can say it has already begun! I would like to  jot down a few points to keep it simple yet stylish 😊       Avoid heavy makeup, keep it subtle.  Do not wear white shoes for obvious reasons.  You can wear a raincoat and still look “cool” Wear comfortable footwear. See to it that you DO NOT slip.  Avoid wearing white as the raims will ruin your outfit. Wear shrugs, palazzos and clothes which do not stick to your body and is easy to dry. Lastly, DO NOT WEAR SHADES! (If it ain't sunny) Be yourself and slay it this monsoon!  Happy monsoon!      
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  • A Touch of Green
    Manasi Bhosale | 01-Jun-2019
    We underestimate what a little touch of green can do for our well-being. Connecting with nature makes us feel happier and more alive. So true then, that the restorative benefits of greenery can be felt even when used in small doses.   It is not surprising that one of the top 10 trends of 2019 (although I believe it never goes out of style), is to add an indoor tree in a room. Plants add a touch of life and make the space look fresh and cared for.   Indoor plants or house plants can completely change the aura and feel of your home. They can do as much to a room as do other accessories. Plants brighten up empty, awkward spaces, liven up dead corners and accentuate large walls. If chosen carefully and artistically displayed, house plants can add the creative layer a home needs. The softness and warmth that plants bring can make your place feel lived-in and loved.   A few tips to keep in mind -   Think about the space The choice of the plant relies hugely on the space you want to pl
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  • Sometimes ‘More is More’
    Manasi Bhosale | 16-May-2019
    We are all familiar with the concept of ‘less is more’ and minimalist spaces that are based on the idea of light, spacious rooms with simple forms and pastel colours. But did you know that there is an antithesis to the above?  Yes, it is called - Maximalist Style Interior. Maximalist interior spaces are full of vivid design ideas- there is more colour, more textures, more furniture, more artworks! It is a mixture of different furniture styles that blend together. All of these are beautifully curated together to make it work into a meaningful, charming space. Think ‘maximalist’ and you can imagine hot pink cushions on a statement chair, emerald green sofas set against a wall with bright wallpaper, a large gallery wall filled with books and artworks, a collection of odd objects ...it is all very busy but exciting! The clash of patterns, prints and colours add an interesting value to the interior. This space is very subjective to the viewer. It evokes different emotions and moods
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  • Centrepiece - Centre of Attention
    Manasi Bhosale | 04-May-2019
    A centrepiece can make a dining table look fabulous instantly!Every dining table needs a personality but the trick is to keep it low maintenance and long lasting,unlike fresh flower arrangements that need so much care. Read on for some tips on how to dress upthe dining table and make it a huge statement...be it for a special dinner or a weeknight one! ● Go for a cluster of potted greens or a house plant. Throw in some bright coloured leavesfrom the garden in a simple glass jar and u have yourself a centrepiece that could last a fewweeks. ● There are natural elements you can showcase. Make an array of rocks, wooden logs, shellsor dried botanicals. ● ‘Shabby chic’ is a great trend...use old jars, urns, unfinished wooden objects and fill them up with pebbles, faux flowers, glass beads, cork stoppers, etc. ● Centrepieces made with candles always lend a very elegant look. Both, candle stands andcandles, can be used in varied heights and in groups. ● If you would like to showcase a few meaningful i
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    The Closet Curator | 27-Apr-2019
                  SUMMER ESSENTIALS   While many of us love trends, without the essentials , the wardrobe is incomplete! Spruce up your summer wardrobe by just a few tips by me 🙂   DRESSES : When the weather is hot , maxi dresses are everything you need to beat the summer heat in style! Be it a cotton dress or a linen one or even a shirt dress you will find yourself the most comfortable in them.   WHITE PANTS : The most refreshing piece in your wardrobe and also a complete mood lifter! Whether you like your pants straight , flared , wide-legged or cropped they can be styled in umpteen different ways and yet never get bored of them.   SHORTS : When you want to flaunt your legs and yet be comfortable , shorts are a perfect choice . Pair it with a tee shirt and sneakers with a causal cute look or shirt and high heels for that luxe look !   SWIMWEAR : How can we forget about a swimsuit in summer? Go grab a perfect swimsuit for
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  • What your Guests notice about your home!
    Manasi Bhosale | 23-Apr-2019
    Your home is your private space - quirky, modern, vintage or other. How much thought you put into your home, is a reflection of yourself! So what exactly is it that your guests are noticing when they visit your space? Remember these essential tips and leave them with a lasting impression!   Clutter: Busy spaces can be overwhelming! Less furniture means more energy flow in the room. Too much clutter blocks the pure, positive energy of a space! Keeping the living room and especially the entryway minimalist will make your home more appealing!   Colour integration: Always leaves the guest with a unique feel of your home. Be it a monochrome palette, neutrals with a pop of colour or a bright, eclectic scheme, colours can really showcase your personality and lifestyle preferences!   Focal point: Every living room is remembered by its focal point: So feel free to flaunt that masterpiece !! It could be a huge colourful painting, an accent wall, a fireplace or even a bizarre piece of artwork- one
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  • My 15 Closet Staples
    The Closet Curator | 18-Apr-2019
               My 15 Closet Staples   Want to pep-up your closet? Let’s start with the basic essentials and let go off your wardrobe woes!!   My topmost must haves are :   A crisp white formal shirt - wear it to work or team it up with a black leather skirt and you are ready to party all night !                 A white t-shirt - a saviour on oh so many days !!! Wear it with shorts or denims and put on those sneakers and you are ready to take on the world! Little black dress - A classic ! You can never go wrong with this one - a sleek clutch and stilettos is all you need and ofcourse red lips which will add that last touch! Black pants - Be it at work or on a causal lazy-ish day , team it up with a tee or a crop top or even a knotted shirt. Dark wash skinny jeans - one of my favourites - comfortable yet chic! Knee length skirt - Skirts have always been a rage! Wear it however you want and still look stylish.
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  • My language My pride
    Diyaa | 21-Feb-2019
    ‘Am I really a Punjabi or I just have a fancy surname ‘ was the most common question I was asked after introducing myself to others specially as a kid! I have no idea where did my ancestors get such a funny last name from? We weren’t even what our names said. That’s what confused everyone around. Well, I am a Sindhi with a Punjabi surname, literally! Even though I may say it sounds weird, I always loved my unique family name. It got me a some special attention with a lot of interrogation behind it. At times this was made into a joke, wherein I have had my seniors in school who would feel I was mocking at them by saying my name is Ms. Punjabi and in response they would say glad to meet you Ms. Punjabi, I am Mr. Maharashtrian! Jokes apart, I feel I was lucky to have my grandparents around me for as long as I can remember. I am grateful to them that I today I can speak my mother tongue so fluently and I am superlatively proud about the fact. When other Sindhi kids my age couldn’t e
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    Rutwik Nalawade | 04-Oct-2017
    British ruled over a thousand years, they came and left with many things…. Clothes, machines, revolution in factories, jobs like serving them for a long time, one thing that Indian people are proud what they left was a sport which later became a tradition, a religion, CRICKET.               A sport where twenty two players play in a circular field with just six stumps, one bat made of wood and a ball.               When I tell what this sport is, they giggle, they laugh, and they say, it is just where someone throws the ball, the other guy hits it someplace else. They don’t know that hitting the ball someplace has brought joy and wonders in a nation. It has brought pride in form of trophies like World Cup, Champions Trophy, T20 World Cup, Asia Cup and Ashes. Getting wickets at the start and at the crucial times has brought rankings up and above made people legends. T
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  • Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2017
    Jaya Sathaye | 20-May-2017
    Digital marketing was and continues to be a very important means of business promotion and advertisement for businesses, as smartphones and tablets have become more of a necessity than a means of entertainment in this digital age. According to statista.com, “By 2014, around 38 percent of all mobile users were smartphone users. By 2018, this number is expected to reach over 50 percent. The number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to grow by one billion in a time span of five years, which means the number of smartphone users in the world is expected to reach 2.7 billion by 2019.” Here are a few digital marketing trends that have gained widespread popularity in 2016, and are likely to prove to be effective tools to market businesses and services in 2017 as well. Native advertising: Native advertising offers advertisers an opportunity to incorporate their advertising content into articles, online quizzes, surveys, infographics, videos and the like that provide useful information to users,
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  • Top 5 College wear for Guys
    Rajat Jhavar | 24-Oct-2016
    College time is one of the most memorable part of ones life! Its a start of a new chapter taking you through an adventurous track which has mountains of success and vally of failure! Fashion somehow becomes an integral part of this phase. Today, who doesn't wants to shine different in a group of similar people! Dressing well not only gives a strong front but also adds up to your personality! So here I suggest 5 best wear for guys at college! So guys empty your wardrobe and get ready for a makeover.  1. Plain shirt + Chinos + Loafers 2. Round neck T-shirt + Denime Jacket + Denime Jeans + Sneakers  3. Printed Shirt + Black Denime + White sneakers  4. Polo T-shirt + Trousers + Denime loafers  5. Plain T-shirt + Checks Print Shirt + Denime Jeans + Sports Shoes 
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