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  • What your Guests notice about your home!
    Manasi Bhosale | 23-Apr-2019
    Your home is your private space - quirky, modern, vintage or other. How much thought you put into your home, is a reflection of yourself! So what exactly is it that your guests are noticing when they visit your space? Remember these essential tips and leave them with a lasting impression!   Clutter: Busy spaces can be overwhelming! Less furniture means more energy flow in the room. Too much clutter blocks the pure, positive energy of a space! Keeping the living room and especially the entryway minimalist will make your home more appealing!   Colour integration: Always leaves the guest with a unique feel of your home. Be it a monochrome palette, neutrals with a pop of colour or a bright, eclectic scheme, colours can really showcase your personality and lifestyle preferences!   Focal point: Every living room is remembered by its focal point: So feel free to flaunt that masterpiece !! It could be a huge colourful painting, an accent wall, a fireplace or even a bizarre piece of artwork- one
  • Centrepiece - Centre of Attention
    Manasi Bhosale | 04-May-2019
    A centrepiece can make a dining table look fabulous instantly!Every dining table needs a personality but the trick is to keep it low maintenance and long lasting,unlike fresh flower arrangements that need so much care. Read on for some tips on how to dress upthe dining table and make it a huge it for a special dinner or a weeknight one! ● Go for a cluster of potted greens or a house plant. Throw in some bright coloured leavesfrom the garden in a simple glass jar and u have yourself a centrepiece that could last a fewweeks. ● There are natural elements you can showcase. Make an array of rocks, wooden logs, shellsor dried botanicals. ● ‘Shabby chic’ is a great trend...use old jars, urns, unfinished wooden objects and fill them up with pebbles, faux flowers, glass beads, cork stoppers, etc. ● Centrepieces made with candles always lend a very elegant look. Both, candle stands andcandles, can be used in varied heights and in groups. ● If you would like to showcase a few meaningful i
  • Sometimes ‘More is More’
    Manasi Bhosale | 16-May-2019
    We are all familiar with the concept of ‘less is more’ and minimalist spaces that are based on the idea of light, spacious rooms with simple forms and pastel colours. But did you know that there is an antithesis to the above?  Yes, it is called - Maximalist Style Interior. Maximalist interior spaces are full of vivid design ideas- there is more colour, more textures, more furniture, more artworks! It is a mixture of different furniture styles that blend together. All of these are beautifully curated together to make it work into a meaningful, charming space. Think ‘maximalist’ and you can imagine hot pink cushions on a statement chair, emerald green sofas set against a wall with bright wallpaper, a large gallery wall filled with books and artworks, a collection of odd objects is all very busy but exciting! The clash of patterns, prints and colours add an interesting value to the interior. This space is very subjective to the viewer. It evokes different emotions and moods
  • A Touch of Green
    Manasi Bhosale | 01-Jun-2019
    We underestimate what a little touch of green can do for our well-being. Connecting with nature makes us feel happier and more alive. So true then, that the restorative benefits of greenery can be felt even when used in small doses.   It is not surprising that one of the top 10 trends of 2019 (although I believe it never goes out of style), is to add an indoor tree in a room. Plants add a touch of life and make the space look fresh and cared for.   Indoor plants or house plants can completely change the aura and feel of your home. They can do as much to a room as do other accessories. Plants brighten up empty, awkward spaces, liven up dead corners and accentuate large walls. If chosen carefully and artistically displayed, house plants can add the creative layer a home needs. The softness and warmth that plants bring can make your place feel lived-in and loved.   A few tips to keep in mind -   Think about the space The choice of the plant relies hugely on the space you want to pl
    Manasi Bhosale | 20-Jul-2019
    It is heartening to know that people have become more conscious of the environment. Eco-friendly living has come a long way in the last decade. It has reached the homes of numerous families and is not limited to being a problem at the global level. Reducing plastic, conserving water and electricity are, of course, all important factors of sustainable living. But could we challenge ourselves to do more? My most recent interior design project was for a clothing store at a mall. It was here that we had thoughtlessly ripped apart existing flooring and wall paneling used by the previous retailer and “disposed them off ” as per the rules laid down by the commercial establishment. Whereas, the existing store could have been repurposed to our requirements with just minor alterations. Sadly, we did not - We did not give the smallest thought to the impact this waste disposal would have on OUR environment.    Many regrets later, I was sure I wanted to work hereafter with a new perspective- to tr
  • In continuation: DOES YOUR HOME HAVE AN ECO-HEART?
    Manasi Bhosale | 16-Aug-2019
      Scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I came across a blog post that was both clever and effective at once. The blogger wrote about a game she plays with every new person she meets. This game made for a great topic of conversation as well as had a huge influence on the persons involved. So, it went like this- She would ask the person what the most toxic things in their homes were and what was the number one thing they would change!  She got some stirring answers:   Non-stick cookware Wi-fi routers Air fresheners  Bug sprays Antiperspirants Fabric softeners   As you may imagine, all these controversial items were soon dealt away with or their usage considerably reduced.   Living green is a conscious choice. Modern lifestyles have solved many problems to make our everyday life comfortable but only to have added some serious other issues. Of course, we are aware of them and want to redeem ourselves by doing our bit for the environment. We want to make chang
  • Wabi-Sabi- the paradoxical interior concept or another idea of beauty?
    Manasi Bhosale | 19-Nov-2019
    Wabi-Sabi- the paradoxical interior concept or another idea of beauty?   An article I was reading the other day had a picture of a blue bowl with a wide, visible crack in it. This crack was reconstructed with “golden joinery”- the repairs were conspicuous but somehow appealing. The caption said- ‘Kintsugi: the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using (lacquer) resin laced with gold’. This age-old art embraces an object with all its damage and imperfections. It reconstructs and repairs broken ceramics to give them new life so that they become even more charismatic thanks to the “disfigurement”. These objects are not to be discarded but to be displayed with a feeling of pride- they do have a unique story to tell.   The craft has become a kind of anthem in recent times: with the hope that we all may be able to embrace our experiences positively and live with our “scars of gold”!   Kintsugi pottery is often seen as an artistic expression
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