What your Guests notice about your home!

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Updated 23:24 IST Apr 24, 2019

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Your home is your private space - quirky, modern, vintage or other. How much thought you put into your home, is a reflection of yourself!

So what exactly is it that your guests are noticing when they visit your space?

Remember these essential tips and leave them with a lasting impression!


Clutter: Busy spaces can be overwhelming! Less furniture means more energy flow in the room. Too much clutter blocks the pure, positive energy of a space! Keeping the living room and especially the entryway minimalist will make your home more appealing!


Colour integration: Always leaves the guest with a unique feel of your home. Be it a monochrome palette, neutrals with a pop of colour or a bright, eclectic scheme, colours can really showcase your personality and lifestyle preferences!


Focal point: Every living room is remembered by its focal point: So feel free to flaunt that masterpiece !! It could be a huge colourful painting, an accent wall, a fireplace or even a bizarre piece of artwork- one attractive item, used cleverly as a focal point, is enough to grab people’s attention instantly.


Season decor: Shows the creativity and imagination of the host! Add in the layers- textures, accessories and seasonal embellishments to show your vision.

Add potted greens, fresh flowers...find ways to bring nature indoors!


A tidy bathroom: It is most likely, that your guest is going to, at some point, end up using the bathroom. Basic amenities apart, a fresh seasonal scent just sticks with the feel of the space. Get a few extra points for atmospheric lighting, frames, and flowers!


So go ahead, make entertaining your guests a delightful experience and save yourself the stress of being the host! Most often, it is the 'little things' that make a world of a difference!

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Kalamwali 23-Apr-2019 12:43

Such valid points. And easy to apply too.

kanika 24-Apr-2019 23:29

Beautifully written Manasi ! So crisp and great info ..super proud 👍😊

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