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Updated 14:36 IST Apr 23, 2019

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Every now and then I am asked by many… “What should be my Fitness regime?”

“Fitness”; on the reference of this word what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Something that makes me feel energetic.

Something that makes my body look good.

A social need.

Ah! I hate the drill but have to do it.

….. or related thought process.

Well let us clear out the definition in our mind. Fitness is that one or many activities which gives your muscles that needed strength, keeps your spine supple, allows you the range of motion for your daily functional movements, also doing which burns your excess calories and connects your mind and nervous system to your muscular system releasing stress and release of endorphins…. Woh ho! So many things in one hour? That’s like multitasking. But yes that should be your definition of fitness.

To select a particular way of exercising that suits you as a person keeping in mind your strengths and limitations is utmost important thing you need to do to start a regime and stick to it.

Our fast paced life today demands that one hour of exercising where in you are not only exercising you body but are happy in your mind too. You need to treat your body right to live a pain free life which in turn helps your mind to be healthy and happy.

Want to know your ways? Keep reading….

                                                                                                   ~ Neha and Moushumi.

                 From: THE PEP UP STUDIO desk.


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