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Neha and Moushumi
We are trained instructors of Pilates (Balanced Body), bungee workout, aerial and Yoga. We have 7years of experience in training people to help them find and achieve their fitness goals in terms from posture correction to getting a leaner and healthier body. We have a wide range of age group coming to the studio right from 10 years of age to 75 years for their various fitness goals. You are most welcome to contact us on 9890658255/9922962514. Follow us on Insta @thepepupstudiopune or FB The Pep Up Studio.
  • My fit fitness regime
    The Pep Up Studio | 22-Apr-2019
    Every now and then I am asked by many… “What should be my Fitness regime?” “Fitness”; on the reference of this word what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Something that makes me feel energetic. Something that makes my body look good. A social need. Ah! I hate the drill but have to do it. ….. or related thought process. Well let us clear out the definition in our mind. Fitness is that one or many activities which gives your muscles that needed strength, keeps your spine supple, allows you the range of motion for your daily functional movements, also doing which burns your excess calories and connects your mind and nervous system to your muscular system releasing stress and release of endorphins…. Woh ho! So many things in one hour? That’s like multitasking. But yes that should be your definition of fitness. To select a particular way of exercising that suits you as a person keeping in mind your strengths and limitations is utmost important t
  • The Pep Up Studio | 02-May-2019
    CORE THE POWER STORE “Hold that core tight”, is that a familiar phrase you hear from your trainer when you are working out at the gym or at your studio. Well why is it so important to hold that core tight. It is, as it is your power house of energy, your support for everyday movement without pain, your spine protector; let’s sum it up to your most necessary muscle group. When I say ‘strong core’ I do not mean six pack abs, we don’t want to look superficially strong only, we want to be strong from deep inside, long term, leading a pain free life. The moment you are in pain you are distracted from what you want to do in life. Very importantly; the entire life your spine especially your lumbar region takes up most of the active pressure, right from standing, sitting or bending; so it goes through a lot of wear and tear. If you have a strong core you are taking off the load from that overworked spine and giving it some help or support to carry out its daily activity without
  • Food for the waist.
    The Pep Up Studio | 17-May-2019
    Want to reduce your waist line? Step out in the sun. Yes you read that right. Get out there and get your daily dose of vitamin D. A present study pointed out that overweight people had Vit D deficiency and the supplements aided their weight loss. High fiber fruits are super foods to reduce that extra pound. Probiotics are agents that help burn that belly fat. Follow this generic diet with your daily exercise routine to aid that belly fat burn out. Although few pointers before. Supplement: ghee in small quantity in place of oil specially to make dal or veggies. Ban: oil completely Cut down on: Sugar Avoid: Potato, soda, alcohol.   Breakfast: Cut fresh fruits on muesli with curd dressing Mid meal: A glass of buttermilk Lunch: Chicken 100 grams with carrots, tomatoes and onions                                      
  • Don’t go week in your knees!
    The Pep Up Studio | 05-Jun-2019
    Don’t go week in your knees!    Joey lost his lady love because he couldn’t kneel down to propose her and if he would he would need her support to get up… well a famous aphorism …all is lost in love and war but don’t go week in your knees unless otherwise from being in love. The knee as we all know is the strongest and one of the most important joints in the human body. As we all know knee issues are on the rise. These issues may be because of one or many things like over use or injury, damaged cartilage, arthritis or simply not strengthening before exercise. I have encountered many people who run in marathons without proper strengthening of the leg muscles which in turn put pressure on the knee. More over running on a hard surface without proper shoes causes extra concern. At the age of 14, I had a knee injury causing knee effusion (accumulation of fluid around the knee) which caused my knee to pain and post the joint aspiration it still pained and made cracklin
  • I Beleive I can Fly!
    The Pep Up Studio | 21-Aug-2019
    I believe I can fly! All my dreams would come true, If I had the wings, in the blue. Enthralling and engaging As the birds would do.. If you feel like this the new BUNGEE workout is what you should be doing, it will enthrall and engage you like a bird. No no it’s nothing like jumping off the cliff. Then what is it making it so popular among everyone? It has a unique system where you are attached to the ceiling with a harness around your pelvic region. The cord has resistance that keeps pulling you upward. In any normal cardio activity like running or jumping your knees and ankles are taking all the body weight and the impact. For some it isn’t an issue but for many with ankle or knee injury or with age and wear and tear of the joints any floor cardio becomes an uphill task, causing aversions and making one step on the weighing scale seeing numbers rise. Apart from water therapy you can hook up to this new adventure if you have or not have any joint issues as the average cardio burn out rec
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