I Beleive I can Fly!

By The Pep Up Studio in Health & Wellness
Updated 13:08 IST Aug 21, 2019

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I believe I can fly!

All my dreams would come true,

If I had the wings, in the blue.

Enthralling and engaging

As the birds would do..

If you feel like this the new BUNGEE workout is what you should be doing, it will enthrall and engage you like a bird. No no it’s nothing like jumping off the cliff. Then what is it making it so popular among everyone?

It has a unique system where you are attached to the ceiling with a harness around your pelvic region. The cord has resistance that keeps pulling you upward.

In any normal cardio activity like running or jumping your knees and ankles are taking all the body weight and the impact. For some it isn’t an issue but for many with ankle or knee injury or with age and wear and tear of the joints any floor cardio becomes an uphill task, causing aversions and making one step on the weighing scale seeing numbers rise.

Apart from water therapy you can hook up to this new adventure if you have or not have any joint issues as the average cardio burn out recorded is anywhere between 380 to 450 active calories in a 45 min class.

Win –win situation, burn that extra cheese and preserve your knees!

-Moushumi Nagarkar.

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