Busy being Lazy

By Dr Sana Khan in Experiences
Updated 22:49 IST Sep 06, 2019

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Count your blessings and stay thankful to God...

People are busy updating their Facebook about where they work.. 

I don't update anything about myself because I'm too lazy 😴

Lazy spending Me time 

Lazy appreciating Life , writing, working..

How can someone be lazy while working.. yes when you just work and work and don't make extra efforts of Flaunting things...

Life's almost at a standstill but I'm too busy enjoying the stagnant stage.. 

I don't want to grow up and I just want life to stay the way it is...I don't think I might have appreciated the present as much as I do now.....

Future a big question mark has its own consequences so I don't want to overthink... I want to Live in the present... I want to appreciate the gifts of Life and Stay motivated 

Motivated to stay fit , eat healthy, No anxiety , No worry,  only in a state of happiness and Miracles are Happening everyday.....I'm at the receiving stage and I don't want this phase to get over.

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