• You
    SowMIyA | 27-Feb-2019
    In the gleam of light In that stream of night I think of you, Only you In that sparkling light Through the winds of time Every breeze feels of you Only YOU. . .  
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  • SowMIyA | 02-Mar-2019
    The best things in Life aren't things. . .  They are Feelings They are gestures They are emotions  And ofcourse Memories. . .  SowMIyA
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  • SowMIyA | 11-Sep-2019
    When you overcome your deepest fear by pushing that one last microsecond of your thought to go for ... You gain it you come over it.... A life-changing experience and a New You...
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  • A Night to Remember
    SowMIyA | 24-Jul-2020
    || A Night to Remember ||   MIA! An absolute gregarious person, she was a dreamer, an achiever, a free-spirited soul that wandered to places and came with hands full. She just knew how to live life in full circles. Would soar from one high to another. Sometimes with a scratch on the knee. And often a bruise over the head. But rare was a tear in her eye. She knew the true meaning of living life queen size. She was a Queen herself not to a sham kingdom. But a queen of her own soul, queen of her heart. Recently had she grabbed a promotion in her office and her charm was no minor for her boss to throw a party for all to celebrate her success. It was a cozy chilling evening of mid-December. The winds were strong and so were the spirits. The company's farmhouse was lit up with shimmering yellow and orange. The garden was bursting with glee, crackle, and chatter. The soft flowing music was matching the mood of the evening to the fullest. Mia was encircled with one after the other gang of colleagues high
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