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It was a usual strenuous day at work. I was smoldering in sweat from the crammed up local train's travel back home. I reached my apartment, and rushed to the elevator. When I was about to shut the rusted iron gates, loosening my tie, lost in my thoughts, an Old lady called out, "Son, please wait I need to come in too."

I was already pissed off with the thought of my old parents at home and my wife continuously pestering me to leave them at an old age home. Arguments between us had amplified to such a point that now it was getting into my head too.

Amidst the chaos of my mind, the old lady interrupted, "Please can you press the floor button 22", both her hands were carrying bags filled with foodstuffs and vegetables. I just pressed 22 and 25. My flat was on the 25th.

She looked at me, gave a smile and started talking. I was least interested to hear but had no option to shut my ears. She said with a shaky voice, "It's my son's birthday tomorrow, I am very excited for his birthday every year, I will cook his favorite delicacies, He loves noodles and coriander soup. I will also bake his much loved chocolate cake without the nuts though. She giggled, this boy doesn't eat any nuts. She continued in her happiness, "Nuts are so good for the body, but this boy is adamant you see". She was looking for some response from me, I just smiled. She whispered, "I have called all my fellow friends, if possible you too come over with your family". She was going on and on in her excitement. I wiped the sweat over the forehead.

 Just for the sake of responding I uttered, "Where is your son?, why didn't he come for shopping with you?"

The elevator alarmed 22. And it stopped on the 22nd floor. I opened the gates for her to leave. She stepped outside the elevator turned her face towards me and said merrily, "Rohan stays in the US with his wife, he left me 8 years ago, he didn't wanted to ruin his privacy with me being around to disturb him. I requested him not to send me to any old age home or hospital. I am fit and fine, it's just that I miss him a lot. So I celebrate his birthday every year with the same excitement". Turning herself to go towards her flat she said, "Thank you, son. Do, come tomorrow".

She left! She left me with a parched throat and glistering eye.


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Kalamwali 13-Sep-2020 21:50

Loved it.

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