• Smurf-tastic Mommy
    Team Kalamwali | 12-Jun-2020
    By Adah Somji   The month of May , is one of my favourite months. It gives me a chance to be more grateful to my mother. Why? Because it’s Mothers day!! Mothers day is the day you spend time with your mother and love her even more. Mothers day this year , was celebrated on 10 th May. On this day , I decided to show a lot of appreciation for my mother to make her feel special. I call her my Smurffy and Cupcake as she’s always so goofy with me. Mothers day was nearing... and boy!! I wanted to make it memorable in the lockdown. So I thought , let’s brainstorm with dad. We came up with 4 exciting ideas. He would get a personalized cake arranged along with a few balloons for decoration and also arrange to create a beautiful video of photos on the song “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. In the meanwhile , I had to prepare a treasure hunt for mom which would make her laugh her lungs out. I started making clues on paper using my creativity. Each clue was hidden in a different part of t
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  • My Days in Quarantine
    Team Kalamwali | 01-May-2020
    By Hridaan Firodia   On a warm summer night, Prime minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day Lockdown. That’s when I knew this virus was serious. I thought we’d be bored, but you don't know all the fun we’ve had. This story is about what I did at home…   We still had to learn at home. And our teachers prepared us for it. They said if we couldn’t reach school, we’ll have to learn on our devices. It’s fun, and I finish really fast but we sometimes get a bit tired. Our teacher is Mom. She is great, but sometimes she can’t take my work and Arjun’s work at the same time. Arjun is my little brother who is full of Mischief! He’s at it in the morning, noon and night.    My Mom does this workout at about 6:00 PM and Arjun and I play outside. We sometimes play with the water hose and use it to put water down the slide so we can go down faster. If we get wet, then Arjun and I have a nice hot water bath.    We could’v
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  • A Fun Teaching Story
    Team Kalamwali | 01-May-2020
    By Aliya Pareek     I have a very unique quarantine story as its about someone who l have grown with playing at odd hours, walking back from school, eating fun stuff, crying for little fights, getting scolded for a messy cupboard and cleaning up the mess. You must be thinking is she my friend or my mother or my sister but guess what she is my helping hand, my Vandana didi.   I have built so many beautiful and amazing memories with her in this lockdown and the time she has spent with me. In such difficult times she is living with us to take care of our home which is away from her home. I love spending my time with her. I know that she works very hard. So I help her sometimes with mopping, dusting and washing clothes and in return she teaches me how to cook delicious food. So long I have learnt to cook tasty pancakes, omelette and next I am going to make a coffee.   One day Vandana didi was trying to write her name on a debit card and I observed that she wasn’t able to write her
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  • My Quarantine Story
    Team Kalamwali | 01-May-2020
    By Ananya Rahul   It was Day 13 of Quarantine... I was missing the fun times and ran to my mother asking her for ideas to help me. She suggested that I could read books to pass my time. So, I went to my room and searched deep inside my dad’s cupboard which was filled with his old books. I found this really old crumbled book hidden between the others. “The Wonders of Magic”, it was called.  I was excited and started reading the book. I loved the magic tricks in it. One of the Chapters read – “Time Travel”. There was a rhyme given which if recited would help me travel across time.  By now, I was super excited. I screamed out aloud and called my mom, dad and sister. When they came running in, I told them about the book and said that I’ve learnt a new magic. It would help to travel across time. My family felt I was crazy to believe it. Out of anger, I recited the poem right then – Change the time After I recite this rhyme Far I want to go To a pl
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  • Unknown Adventure
    Team Kalamwali | 18-May-2019
    A work of fiction by our junior kalamkar Hiyasha Khatri  St. Mary's School.                                           Unknown Adventure   Rosey was a witch and her neighbour was Mia. Mia was a vampire. They both lived in a cave. But they were not friends and almost evertime use to fight. One day a monster was creeping behind Roseyand he pounced on her. She got so scared that she started shouting and ran, which made Mia too scared and ran behind her. It looked like they were racing and Rosey was in the lead. Oh! They realised that they have reached the moon. Rosey is now very scared but Mia tells her to calm down and not to panic. Mia says to Rosey don't worry we will find our way back home.  They are very hungry now and find a tree full of candies on the moon. They eat lof of cadies. Suddenly Mia said look our footprints and they both jumped for joy. They started following the path and
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  • The magic crystal stone
    Team Kalamwali | 24-Apr-2019
    A work of fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Sara Katakkar.                                         The magic crystal stone. Once upon a time in Russia there lived a servant girl called Peony as she loved peony flowers. She worked as a shepardess in Curdeken's farm. She wished she could be a princess in a splendid castle and be the queen's daughter. She left the sheep under a tree. Then a sheep called Hagen caaled her and said, " Dear Peony, i am a prince and not a sheep. Can you help me break the spell i am cursed into?" Peony said "yes" and off they went to Hagen's mother. Peony asked why Hagen was turned into a sheep. his mother slyly replied, " hmm i don't know," Peony asked Hagen if he knew anything of the spell. He answered, " My mother cursed me. She tricked you, she did not know." Peony asked Hagen what his mother used to curse the spell. He said, "A stone hidden deep below the Volga." So they went to
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  • The Rainbow Fairy
    Team Kalamwali | 03-Mar-2019
    A work of fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Sara Katakkar.                                       The Rainbow Fairy.   Once upon a time, there lived a Fairy with five sisters. They lived in a castle in the clouds. Their grandmother once told them a story about a dog who loved his master. While everyone was listening to the story, one wise fairy named Polly, took flight in the sky. Polly saw beautiful birds flying and something she had never seen A RAINBOW! When it was dark, Polly decided to go back home. But when she turned around, she saw she was lost! She tried to find her home but she did not know which direction she was going. Soon she saw a hare on the ground. She asked the hare to help out. The hare did not know where she lived but he agreed. Instead of taking her to her house the hare took her to his house. The hare told her to climb on top of his burrow. From the top of the burrow, Polly saw her house
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  • Team Kalamwali | 16-Feb-2019
    A work of Fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Saanvi Shrivastava.       The Case of the Robbery at Wishwood Cottage   ‘Jack, Nora, come on! You know that we have to go in five minutes,’ their mother shouted. ‘Coming Mom!’ Jack yelled, pulling his sister down the stairs. Nora screamed, ‘Jack, let me go!’ Jack left her and ran down. And suddenly, BAM! Nora had fallen down. Now, you tell me what else will happen when a 12 year old pulls a 7 year old down the stairs and suddenly lets her go!! Jack and his mother rushed to help her to get up. ‘Come on now, hurry up and go to Peter’s house,’ Nora’s mother said. Jack and Nora nodded. Now, you must be wondering why is everyone in this house in a hurry, why are all the kids going to Peter’s house? Actually, their parents had to go to a meeting and so they were dropping the kids at Peter’s house as his parents were going for the same meeting. Nora went to Steffi’s kenne
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  • The Magical Bedsheet
    Team Kalamwali | 05-Feb-2019
    A work of Fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Saanvi Shrivastava.                                       The Magical Bedsheet   ‘Maya, let’s play something! Pleaaasseee!’ Maya’s younger sister shouted. ‘Not now, Bea, let me read my book. You play something on your own,’ Maya said. ‘Pleaassee,’ Bea said. ‘Nooo!’ Maya said. ‘Please,’ ‘No,’ Please,’ ‘No’. ‘Mummmmaaaa,’ they both shouted together. ‘Girls, stop fighting! Maya, play with her for sometime, ok? And Bea, Maya told you to play on your own, didn’t she?’ their mother shouted from the kitchen. ‘Come on, what do you want to play now?’ Maya sighed. ‘Let’s play “Who jumps the highest”,’ Bea replied.  ‘Fine, but just three rounds, ok.’ Soon, both the sisters were jum
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  • You can fight. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy.
    Team Kalamwali | 26-Jan-2019
    A work of Fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Samaara Gandhi.                       You can fight. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy.   Once upon a time, there was a girl all alone. Without a mom or family. Just a brother. Her name was Daisy. She was 8 years old. She decided she couldn’t live like this. So she travelled around with her brother. But soon people started troubling Daisy’s brother. She couldn’t take this and decided to learn how to fight the bullies away! So they wouldn’t trouble her brother again.She went to a person named David. She wanted him to teach her how to fight. But David said to her, “you’re a girl. You can’t fight”. Daisy said, “I don’t care. I will fight no matter how long it takes. I will learn”. David agreed and Daisy started training.Daisy failed in many things and lost but did not give up. She continued to practice even more and grew
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  • The Broken Glass
    Team Kalamwali | 13-Jan-2019
    A work of Fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Zoya Patil Sangwan   The Broken GlassOne day a girl named Piku was at home by herself with her helper doing some work in the kitchen. She was playing in her mother’s room and while playing she accidentally broke her mum’s favourite water glass which was always on her bedside table . Piku was very scared of what her mother would say so she decided to hide the broken glass in her own room. The next day when her mother wanted to have water she saw that her glass wasn’t there so she decided to take another glass . She thought the helper must have taken it for a wash . The next day when Piku’s mum was cleaning Piku’s room she found the broken glass and when she put the pieces together she was stunned to see that it was her glass . After that Piku’s mum shouted at Piku and after sometime her mother felt bad for making Piku cry over a silly glass so she went to Piku’s room, she apologised to Piku and told her t
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  • Why did the crow get the black colour?
    Team Kalamwali | 07-Jan-2019
    A work of Fiction by our Junior Kalamkar, Shanaya Chaphalkar- 7 years old P.S. The illustration in the attached image has been created by her too.        Why did the crow get the black colour? In a forest lived all the birds with their master. One day their master had called them to his house at 7:00. The peacock came early. He said to himself, I shall walk in the forest until the other birds come. When came back to his master’s house, all birds had taken little little colours of everything. At last the crow came and told lies to his master that he had come early too. But his master did not trust him. And then the master gave the peacock little little of every colour but he gave the crow black because his master had seen the peacock come early but he did not see the crow come early. So the crow got the black colour. Moral : We should never tell lies.
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  • Poetisa | 15-Jul-2018
    It fell from her eyes, And against her skin She felt it, As she rubbed it from her cheek.   She knew not what it was Her anger, pain or rage But she decided to go along With what was in her heart.   But she knew that one thing Her memories, now afresh That it channelled these memories And their emotions, next.   Now with quite a stable mind, All her confusion gone She knew what a tear was, Her will to fight ahead.     -          Aarya Shah        
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  • Saanvi | 13-Jul-2018
    Chapter 1 “Jack, Peter, I’m getting bored. Let’s go and play in the park,” Nora said one Sunday morning. Jack got up from his chair and started walking up and down. “I think the park will be closed today as it’s a Sunday. Why don’t we go for a walk instead?” he replied. Nora groaned. “It’s okay, Nora. A walk is almost like playing in the park,” Peter consoled her.”Fine!!” Nora said, getting up from her chair.”I’ll go and get Steffi.” She ran down to bring the dog out of the kennel. Soon, everyone ran out of the door of Jack and Nora’s house. “Where should we go for the walk?” Jack asked.”Near Miss Grayling’s house. There is a walking path with benches. Let’s go there,” Peter said. Everyone agreed. “Time for walkie-walkie, Steffi,” Nora said happily. They all started towards the path. They had just reached there when they heard a sob. Jack looked around and saw
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  • Saanvi | 13-Jul-2018
    The Case of the Missing Donuts   Chapter 1 Knock, knock! `Jack, open the door, will you?’ someone called. `Coming,’ Jack said getting up from the chair. He opened the door of the playroom. His younger sister entered the room. `When is Peter coming back?’ she asked. `Nora, I have already told you that Peter is not coming back till next week. This is the twentieth time you have asked me this question today,’ Jack sighed. `Jack, isn’t it soooo boring without Peter here?’ Nora asked sitting down on a chair. `Well, it is, but what can we do? We just need to wait till Peter comes.’ `Yea, but it has been so long since Peter is gone’ Nora said. But she was wrong. That week passed by very quickly. Everyone was excited on Sunday, because Peter was coming back. They had decided to go and pick him up at the station with their mother. They reached the station and saw the train coming. `That must be his train, come on, hurry up!’ Jack shouted Soon Peter climbe
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  • Seasons
    Jasmine | 27-Apr-2018
    Seasons Let me tell you a rhyme about seasons,Take your favorite decision. Summer is hot…hot…hot…hot,The sun is hotter than a boiling water pot! Monsoon is wet…wet…wet…wet,It is the wettest season I’ve ever met! Winter is cold…harsh and cold,Only shirts, jackets and sweaters are sold! Spring is nice, the flowers bloom,Happiness happiness fills my room! But don’t tease any season, not summer not spring,Love all the seasons for their special thing !!  
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