By Sanika Dixit in Junior Kalam
Updated 14:46 IST Feb 21, 2021

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Compassion is pity for someone like no other,

And just empathy and sympathy for one another.

To find a little spark of light,

In this world full of dislikes.

To feel kindness for others,

Or may be just like a mother!

Stop running away from problems,

Lets find a solution through compassion.

We should have a holding hand for one another,

So that insensitive people don’t bother.

Treat other’s well and be like a donor,

Who can give and share others who are loner..

Don’t just ignore people who are unkind or mean

Just keep a smile of kindness and your heart clean.

Anything is possible through compassion,

And that’s what god tells us for the world to be one.

With love,care,kindness and compassion,

Lets together take a pledge

To make this world a better one!!

                                                               - Sanika Dixit (age 13 yrs , grade 8)

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