Manali Jobanputra

A 24 year old XX chromosome who loves doing what she does! Smart, Pretty, and a little Witty!
  • Complete Incompleteness
    Manali Jobanputra | 29-Jul-2016
    I still remember that night,You were far out of sight,I was lying in bed,My eyes crying red. You chose to be silent,And to obey her,I tried to act valiant,But i did wither. It was your yellow streak,That today is the day,You were so meek,To leave it half way. I tried so hard to conceal,But I am fained to emote,And time can never heal,What you did distort. But I now do realise,That you werent worth,Of all my sacrifice,b'coz at my tears... You laughed in mirth. All those deep promises,That u ruined in a stroke,Remain now as blemishes,That i hide with a cloak. I lie here maimed,And numbness enshrouds me,Who is to be blamed,For I am no more ME !
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  • The Fallen Rose
    Manali Jobanputra | 30-Jul-2016
    » Long
    As the winter winds roared by... I bloomed under the leafy-starry sky,Crimson red is my shade, Of alluring scent I'm made. It was on that chilly night, The lakeside became a camping site, For A bunch of teens, Dressed in Jerkins and jeans! Below the bright moon, Amidst the nightingale's sweet tune, She sauntered up the wood, peeping through her pink hood. Her eyes fell on me, And they sparkled with glee, She held me by my stem, With utter care as though a gem... I was uprooted but I felt no pain,lay on her palms as she walked down the lane, The horizons turned red, And towards the tents she fled. A guy she did wake, And pulled him out to the lake,She proposed him there, And lifted me towards him with care. He pushed her away, And she cried in dismay, I fell from her hands into the lake, And a new path I take. Like a vagabond I glide, On a new exotic ride, I hit the grainy land, Dry, damaged, alone I stand. I wither and perish, I can see me vanish, My seeds wrapped in mud, I prepare to be a new bud. y
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  • The Feel Of Love
    Manali Jobanputra | 31-Jul-2016
    When I was in the deepest of blue, You came to my rescue, You walked with me, And made my worries flee ! U crowned me with a tiara, Surrounded me with your charismatic aura, U treated me like a princess.. Gave me love care.. All in excess..! I was in Ecstasy… It was all like a fantasy ! You were my meaning to life.. I dreamt to be your wife ! Until one fateful day, Only silence to say, I was weeping in my heart, Dreams shattered… Tearing me apart. The alteration in your love, Made tears fall from even heavens above, I don’t know what your heart chose, But tat killed me inside.. My feelings froze ! I perceive the emptiness, I feel the pain and numbness, But then i hear on my stirrup, A voice beckoning me to look up ! Its now time I choose, To stay strong and not let loose, because by now I’m immune, To life’s tragic monotonous tune! I am not seeking u back, I have chosen another track, And now i depart, With a peaceful happy heart, Closing this ch
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  • Fallen Angel
    Manali Jobanputra | 01-Aug-2016
      It's a different part of me.. Something I've never seen.. Somewhere I've never been.. ... It's like a fairy tale.. Happiness seems to be on sale.. It's like a fragment of my imagination.. My subconscious is in agitation.. Idk if it's true or just a hue.. But it has blown away all my blue.. It's his aura I belive.. Which everytime I perceive.. It's like a drug.. I can never get enough.. The look of his eye.. When he passes by.. Gives me butterflies and with him I realise not how time flies.. When I look at him.. World comes to a stand still.. I realise not where I'm going.. It's like a trail never ending.. When he touches my skin.. It's like a rush of adrenaline.. His eyes all hazy when he talks to me.. My heartbeats go crazy and my emotions glee.. I donno why I like this man.. He opened the doors where I put a ban.. I dont know how he made his way.. He got to my heart like child's play.. He is simple yet smart.. Never opens his heart.Years of what I know him.. All seems so dim.. All I know deep
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  • The 20th Cake Day
    Manali Jobanputra | 03-Aug-2016
    This was the most perfect bday ever,Filled with fun, love, surprises and fervour,My lovies made it memorable,Mumma, zazzi, n Donzaii .. All adorable! Morning hit me at five ,I hear birds chirp live,I bathe and begin,As per bday tradation..! The burning pizza puff,The roads dusty and rough,The temple bells ring,Beckoning the invisible string ! Its the noon lunch,With laughter in bunch...After ages with my donzaii,Accompanied by rains of july ! Then arrived the most awaited hour,I had enjoyed so far,And this was even more exciting,As mum showered me with gifts and blessings! But all through this treat..Something felt incomplete..!It was your absence...That was the missing essence ! But finally ... To make my day ...Destiny took me your way...It was the most awaited rendezvous..And my birthday wish came true... !! I was ecstatic ... !Seemed like shakespeare's romantic!And the fact remains that im a shrew...Yet I'm gifted with a beautiful person ..YOU !
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  • The Disguised Friend.
    Manali Jobanputra | 08-Sep-2016
    The first sight of her,Was as she walked in as my teacher,With a graceful pace,And a beautiful smile on her face! I met her as my teacher,Soon we became sisters,As as time pulled us closer, She was like my mother! Our relationship...Its above materialism, its pure and divine,With time it grew sweeter just as wine, We cried, we laughed, we ate, we talked,..Sun or rain.. Together we walked! Time flew past in a blink...And its all dark what once seemd pink, Its time to say goodbyes.. With a heavy heart and tear filled eyes...! She guided me on the right way,She moulded me as though clay, Today that i write this poem,Is coz she acted as my prism!!! Its a difficult nostalgic feel... Goodbyes are my achilles heel.. We know its inevitable...And try to act stable!! But these few words cannot convey..What in my heart i wanna say..All i can put through... Is that I... LOVE... YOU...
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  • Weeping Heart
    Manali Jobanputra | 09-Nov-2016
    My heart rips a little more, Wen i realise you're slowly drifting away, My body is numb.. Throat is sore, Like a statue i am.. In the air my hair sway. Everything around is dead, Sounds drowning inside me, My emotions too have fled, Nothing remains but ME ! I want to hate you.. But i fail, My emotions refute, I plod up a nostalgic trail, and all i see is your silhouette! But now its time, To accept the reality, To know that u aren’t mine, And to fling off frailty ! But i will not forget, The wrong u did to me, Just so that you get, All benefits for free. You marred my innocence, You broke my trust, I had to FEAR in YOUR presence, All blame to your lust ! So now i choose to walk, Far away from you, And to never look back, To this BLUE !
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  • Inevitable Decision !
    Manali Jobanputra | 11-Nov-2016
    Every choice has its consequences, good and bad. There are always the two sides, so did my choice. My choice was a very difficult one to make but it was inevitable. With a very heavy heart I chose to make the decision.  Its such a difficult decision, as a teacher my students aren't just a group of children I interact with, they are little pieces of my heart. Each one has a special place and can never be replaced. Realization dawned upon me this morning, that I will no more see my children. I will no more be greeted with little legs running to hug me, I will no more have my little bundles of joy whom I hug and kiss good morning every day. I will not spend my day around my precious souls anymore.  I will not have Noah pulling my hair or Theia and Siddhant fighting to sit on my lap. I will not have Indu running about in circles around me. I will not have Anaira giving me the sweetest smiles. No more playing peek-a-boo with Luke and Ellora, No more gibberish talks with Aira and Mishka. No more Riaan
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  • Why Children Hit?
    Manali Jobanputra | 16-Nov-2016
    One of the major challenges that I faced as a teacher was handling children who whack other children and harass them. I would feel so helpless because I did not know how to make them abstain from doing so. You can't expect a 2-year-old to understand logic.  After some observation and reading numerous articles based on this I came to understand why children do so and how one can handle it.   Every class has their share of these hyperactive children. They aren't 'violent' or 'naughty' children. They don't even know what that is, and it is extremely insensitive of anyone to call them that. There are numerous reasons as to why a child would show such behavior, and polite and easy ways to deal with it. 1. Seeking attention : who doesn't love attention? Even adults love of they are adorned and given attention, so do our babies. They don't know how to get your attention. They find this a way of grabbing your attention towards them.  One of my students is a very hyperactive child. He would always be
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  • LOVE?
    Manali Jobanputra | 19-Nov-2016
    I love you, I love spending time with you, I love her/him etc ... We've all heard this at some point of life. So what exactly is love? Everyone has a different perspective! To me love is a name that I never knew would give me butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes at once. Its a memory that makes my mind and body go numb. Its that human figure I worshiped and called my Angel. Its those gorgeous brown eyes where I lost myself. Its that beautiful voice I'd drown in. Deep down in my cerebrum float his memories , they've kinda settled in there in a little corner and often explore other areas causing me to go on an emotional roller coaster. I often catch myself lost in his thoughts without even realizing I'm thinking about him. His aura surrounds me even though he's miles away, his sounds reach me from nowhere. I can't get him off my mind, he's always on.. consciously or sub-consciously. I have no remedy to erase him. He has imprinted my soul and he shall always remain an in-attachable part of me. I so
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  • Invisible Rift!
    Manali Jobanputra | 10-Dec-2016
    I saw her after 30 days and My heart almost skipped a beat as I held her in my arms. She lay he head on my bosom and put her arms around Me, I was so happy. It was undefined peace and contentment that I felt, but not long. She suddenly looked up to me and pushed me away and went back to her mummy. I was a little surprised and didn't understand what happened. Little did I realize that she was hurt, she was upset with me. She very adorably folded her hands and looked at me with resentment. I had made a grave mistake, and my little baby was upset at me. I would do literally anything to get her to smile and come back to me. I apologized but in vain.. My little angel was a little too hurt to accept it. She would sweetly look at me when I would talk to her mommy, but as soon as I would look at her and try to make conversation; she would quickly hide her face or turn the other way. I had hurt her bad.. And I had to set things right.. I couldn't accept her being upset and away from me.. But nothing seemed to work. It
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  • The Conjectured One !
    Manali Jobanputra | 22-Dec-2016
    A typically irritating, Ms. “I know it all” teenager as she seemed to me is now  suddenly one of the most wonderful souls I’ve come across in these 22 spins around the sun. Simple yet Smart, Quiet yet Chirpy, Common yet Unique, and lastly beautiful in her own special way. I really don’t know how I went from “she’s  irritating” to ” she’s  wonderful”, from *ignoring her* to *wanting to know her more*, from *being least bothered about her* to *wanting to protect her*.   Her mysterious behavior has got me intrigued and I wonder what’s on her mind.  She is somewhat like the teenage me, just smarter and braver. I wonder what made her so brave, strength comes from pain ; after all the pain even I’m not as strong today to what she already is. I wonder how much pain she would have seen to be the diamond she is today. She wears a flawless facade, masking her agony, but her eyes divulge to those who can peruse.   C
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  • The U. F. O
    Manali Jobanputra | 29-Dec-2016
    So this idea was born out of nowhere during our French class sessions and it turned out to be a unique and interesting one. We were divided in groups of 4 and had to create and imaginary Hotel and present an advertisement of the same in French. We sat there scratching our heads wondering what could it be when this amazing idea struck me. U. F. O I said and my peers looked at me with confused faces; Wondering if they heard right what I had just said. I replied saying let's name our hotel U. F. O and the quirky twist was that it would be a flying hotel. A hotel that would fly around the globe, so you no more have to travel via Airplanes! Airplanes is cliché, why chose a seat when you can have an entire room up there. Pretty much fictitious but equally interesting. We decided we would have 8 rooms named after the 8 planets of our solar system, and 2 restaurants that would be called 'The Sun' and 'The Moon'. The morning meals Breakfast and Lunch would be serves at 'The Sun' where as the Evening snacks a
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  • Joy of relinquishing Pain !
    Manali Jobanputra | 31-Dec-2016
    We all are juggling between joy and pain, Some are sane and some insane, Fighting every minute  braving, Not living but surviving.     Agony and pain occupy our mind, Letting no space for peace and kind, Blinded by pang and rue, We are missing the beautiful view.     We live in the past, in what’s gone, Always contemplating the bygone, The beauty and joy of TODAY is lost, B’cuz we spent it all regretting the past.     Life is a  beautiful and magical  bless, We – the hatless enchantress’ Choice is ours, what spell to cast, Joy for the moment or love from the past.     So my darlings, wands up in the air, Choose the joyous moment… I dare, Let go of the past, it’s a lesson I’ve learned, And believe you me it’s the greatest wealth I’ve earned.
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  • 221 Days !
    Manali Jobanputra | 03-Jan-2017
    Sometimes and only sometimes you meet someone and they leave an imprint on you.  It doesn’t take long, barely known each other for a while but feels like ages old. It was time to depart, her flight was announced and he had to get back to work. She said goodbye with a heavy heart not knowing how he feels.  He waved back, hugged her and let her go. She walked away from him, and with every step that she took, she realized that she’s leaving her heart behind. Her emotions were in a chaos and her mind kept asking just one question – Does he feel the same? He seemed to be pretty composed, maybe he was masking his feelings or maybe he was just casual and didn’t feel grieved about the goodbye. Shenaz sat on her seat with all these questions and a void in her bosom.  She didn’t even know if she’d ever see him again, she didn’t understand how she lost her heart to VK in a beat! Tired from the trip and chaos of emotions she shut her eyes hoping to get some slee
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  • 221 Days with a Twist !
    Manali Jobanputra | 04-Jan-2017
    Sometimes and only sometimes you meet someone and they leave an imprint on you.  It doesn’t take long, barely known each other for a while but feels like ages old. It was time to depart, her flight was announced and he had to get back to work. She said goodbye with a heavy heart not knowing how he feels.  He waved back, hugged her and let her go. She walked away from him, and with every step that she took, she realized that she’s leaving her heart behind. Her emotions created a mayhem and her mind kept pondering– Does he feel the same? He seemed to be pretty composed, maybe he was enshrouding his emotions or maybe he was just indifferent to the goodbye. Shenaz sat on her seat contemplating the void in her bosom. She had no clue how she lost her heart to VK in a beat! She wondered if she would ever see him again. Worn out from the trip and chaos of emotions she shut her eyes hoping to get some sleep. As the plane took off, her heart sank. Flashing in her closed eyes were the memo
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  • The "XX" Chromosome !
    Manali Jobanputra | 09-Jan-2017
    Assaulting, harassing, insulting and mocking at the feminine population is WRONG. No its not funny and I will not laugh at it or take it lightly. We need to understand that sexist and gender biased jokes aren’t funny. I don’t get why people don’t understand this. How difficult is it to respect the women around you. A few days ago, there was a “prank” video on YouTube where a disrespectful and Ill mannered creep goes around kissing women, and that is funny? How is outraging a woman’s modesty,  kissing her without her consent and  shaming her in public  comical ?  The video apparently has 2k likes! What message are we sending out to the society when we like such videos? Is rape also acceptable then? Would a rapist also get 2k likes for his crime? I’ve seen multiple posts on Facebook that are disrespectful towards women, and I’ve seen women comment and laugh about it. These are small things that may not seem to matter, but it’s tiny d
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  • Defiled Soul !
    Manali Jobanputra | 12-Jan-2017
    Her head was spinning, her eyes went blind,  gasping for breath, she hit the ground. She couldn’t believe her eyes,  the astonishing sight paralyzed her body making her numb.   Her heart was maimed, she felt demented, and didn’t want to believe what she saw.  Bawling  in anguish and shock she lamented the truth.  She couldn’t unsee it,  every time she closed her eyes it flashed in front of her. She craved to unsee it and erase it from her memory, but it was etched on her soul and she could never obliterate it.   It changed her life for the worse, wrecking her peace and normalcy turning her into a dead soul surviving the dark reality. She yearned to be the normal human she used to be, but it was a one way path and there was no returning.   She wore a smiling guise, and to the world she seemed a happy soul. No-one but her knew the suffering of her soul.         P.S : What do you think she saw? Leave your answer in the
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  • My One in a Minion !
    Manali Jobanputra | 14-Jan-2017
    My one in a Minion, My fluffy teddy bear, You’re my little bob, filled with love and care. In the pitch of the black, You never let me turn, On the hardest track, You held me firm. The long crazy night-outs, The terrace every morning, The all day eat-outs, the out-of-note singing. All memories so close to my heart, Just like you, never apart, You’re an important part of me, Without you I can never be. This little stack of words, Cant describe your worth, B’cz you’re an angel, who always keeps me in mirth. So this is my special way, to poetically say, that ” I complete you, and you complete me .”   -Manali Jobanputra
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  • My Anchor !
    Manali Jobanputra | 15-Jan-2017
    From being each other’s ray of hope to having our own world war 3, we’ve seen it all. 5 years , a billion fights, gazillion good times and infinite memories. Our friendship continues to grow sweeter and stronger. So from my bag of infinite memories, here’s one of the most beautiful ones. I call it : ‘ Private Concert ‘ So I probably was cursed during that period of my life because I ended up attracting all Mr.Wrong’s, and one of those morons turned out to be an unfaithful creep. As a result of which, I was deep lost into tears and sorrow and all those post breakup habits of starving my freedom, overfeeding my tummy and staying up for days together. Habeil spent a major chunk of his day with me to keep my spirits up but as soon as he would leave, I’d topple down the past. On one of those nights, I went on a crying trip, went on for about 3 hours and showed no sign of sanity. The one thing that can bring back my sanity from any state is hearing Habeil sing, he
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  • The VKian in me !
    Manali Jobanputra | 17-Jan-2017
    He’s always in my heart, He’s  always  on my mind, Every woman’s Dream Man, Sexy,  Handsome and Kind.  What once I never watched, He made me love the game, It’s cricket of course, Where he has all the fame.  The blue jersey with eighteen, The charming bearded smile, Yes it’s my Virat Kohli, King of charm and style.  With the swing of his bat, Comes the adrenaline rush, When he scores a century, Comes the loud cheer gush.  When I see him onscreen, My heart skips a beat, My cheeks go sanguine, I wish, him I could meet.  A Rendezvous is what I yearn, A simple tryst with my superstar, And until that day comes, I’ll gaze from afar.  I hope he reads this someday, Perceives the love and admiration, Knows me,  his die hard fan – Manali, And my excessive adoration.  – VKian Manali Jobanputra
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  • Who Are We?
    Manali Jobanputra | 22-Jan-2017
    Who are we ? Many would reply to this with gender, designations or castes; I’m a man, I’m an actor, I’m a Hindu, etc. Our entire human race has been divided into infinite sections based on caste, sex, occupation, nationality etc and we all are in some virtual competition against each other fighting to prove our worth. What we forget is that we are all Humans and we are all worth the same. We have turned the Earth into a giant “Super Store”, only here the sections are Countries, Religion, Color and Gender. If an alien were to  walk into this store, he would feel cheated as under all sections its the same item ; A human body with blood running through the veins. Yet we the inhabitants of Earth see some kind of difference on the basis of which we have divided ourselves. Fortunately, in this world of the so called super intelligent species who have managed to divide us, I’m the blind one who fails to see any difference. I feel disgusted when I hear people say &
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  • Insufficient Love
    Manali Jobanputra | 25-Jan-2017
    My Slumber has vanished, My mind is restless, Me he has Banished, But why?   I'm clueless. Memories keep flooding my mind, I relive each moment again, There are answers I can't find, why he caused me so much pain. I miss him, but in vain, My heart skips a beat, When I hear his name, I crave for a meet. The think of his touch, The feel of his lips, Gives me pleasure much, My inside skips. I crave for that feel, For him to be close, For our lips to seal, And curl my toes. I wish he knew, How i felt for him, But he has no clue, It's all so dim. Everything makes me nostalgic, He's everywhere I see, Losing him is tragic, Knowing it cannot be. I wish it could ensue, And together we'd be, My love would pursue, And he'd belong only to me. - Manali Jobanputra P.S : Shenaz on VK ! ( Reference 221 Days with a Twist )  
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  • Closure  !
    Manali Jobanputra | 31-Jan-2017
    Finally after many many long, gut-wrenching months of running in circles,  looking for an answer, I guess I found one. Somehow today, I was able to maybe bore a tiny hole into his cold stone heart, from which leaked the long awaited words. It wasn’t exactly what my ears were craving, but somewhere deep in my heart I knew that’s how it’s going to be. Maybe I just needed to hear him say it. As I hung up for the last time, my eyes filled up, my heart felt empty and my chest burned like a forest fire. Everything around me came to a stand still,  I had two choices ; I could cry over it for the rest of my life OR I could accept it and let go off it. Fortunately, I chose the latter. I chose to let go, I’d been holding it too long and too hard, bruising myself. Letting go meant reliving myself of the pain. Maybe it’s not over,  Maybe I’ve hopes of revival, Maybe I’l fall back that road again but right now,  in this moment I’ve made my peace wi
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  • Pyaar Dosti Hai!
    Manali Jobanputra | 05-Feb-2017
    They say nothing lasts forever, DREAMS CHANGE, trends come and go, but FRIENDSHIPS never go out of STYLE  – Carrie Bradshaw   Sharing your darkest secrets, having the silliest conversations, gossiping, blindly trusting, and lastly  unconditional love is what comprises of a friendship. We are most comfortable when around our friends, because we ate accepted and loved for who we are. I wonder, if we have everything we need in friendship, then why are we constantly in search of love elsewhere?  Why do we look to find love with  someone we barely know, why do we put ourselves out there and pretend to be someone we’re not? Why is it not ok to fall in love with a friend?  How wonderful would it be to have a relationship where you’re loved for who you are,  where you can be yourself, and where your understood without having to explain yourself. When it’s all so apt,  why don’t we accept that we maybe in love with a friend
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