Invisible Rift!

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 23:25 IST Dec 10, 2016

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I saw her after 30 days and My heart almost skipped a beat as I held her in my arms. She lay he head on my bosom and put her arms around Me, I was so happy. It was undefined peace and contentment that I felt, but not long. She suddenly looked up to me and pushed me away and went back to her mummy. I was a little surprised and didn't understand what happened. Little did I realize that she was hurt, she was upset with me. She very adorably folded her hands and looked at me with resentment. I had made a grave mistake, and my little baby was upset at me. I would do literally anything to get her to smile and come back to me. I apologized but in vain.. My little angel was a little too hurt to accept it. She would sweetly look at me when I would talk to her mommy, but as soon as I would look at her and try to make conversation; she would quickly hide her face or turn the other way. I had hurt her bad.. And I had to set things right.. I couldn't accept her being upset and away from me.. But nothing seemed to work. It was breaking me inside.. I could take anything but her being upset with me. I wanted to tell her I didn't mean to hurt her and how much I love her and miss her.. But how could I? My little darling is still to understand these complicated emotions. I kept praying that she may forgive me and come to me at least once.. Her darling mommy too tried explaining her.. But she wouldn't move. :'(.. Soon it was time to depart.. And she suddenly held my hand.. And she let me hold her n hug her.. Tears rolled down my eyes as I held her close to my heart.. I had a mini wave of happiness.. She continued to hold my hand as we walked out.. Skipping and dancing her way out.... it was time for her to leave.. And As her car arrived, she held me even tighter.. Didn't leave my finger.. N started crying asking me to stay.. My heart broke... I couldn't hold back my tears either.. I didn't want to let her go.. But I had to.. She kept offering her hand for me to hold... N I stood there like a statue not knowing what to do.. I stood there as her mommy hugged her trying to explain her and the driver drove away.. It was the HARDEST GOODBYE OF MY LIFE.. I couldn't not think of her.. I wish I could be with her all the while and never have to let her go away. I never knew I could be loved so much and be so much in love with her. She is my happiness.. My little bundle of joy.. My Theia. I didn't realize how much I might have hurt all my other students too.. It would have been so harsh on them.. I wish I could hug each of them and apologize.. Tell them that even though I'm away my love hasn't changed.. I still love them.. And always will. Dedicated to all my students.. The 2016 class of Pre-Nursery. I love you and always will. - Ms. Manali

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