Priyanka Menon

i’m a brown Indian girl whose dreams are crushed every day by a society that only remembers me when it’s in heat - because i’m a girl.     i’m a brown Indian girl terrified of the world we are living in today... read more...
10-Nov-2016 • 873 views
I try to find them In the swollen eyes staring back at me From a mirror that cracked When the illusion shattered. I try to find them In the tinted memories That your name has become; In the voices that float inside From right to left - But I cannot make... read more...
22-Nov-2016 • 3596 views
December, you used to be my favourite month - your cold never cold enough to freeze my heart, trampled on for 334 days without a break in 48 weeks of wreckage left behind by storms that never made it out of my windows somehow latching onto the air I breathed in... read more...
04-Dec-2016 • 620 views
Love,i think last night whenmy wineglass sat prettilyon the edge, i was with ittoo, close to where reasondeserted me (it was when isaw you last) fighting withme, to let go.   Love,i am not sure where weare headed today, it’s a newstart; for some reason the... read more...
01-Jan-2017 • 664 views
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