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Updated 14:58 IST Jan 01, 2017

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i think last night when
my wineglass sat prettily
on the edge, i was with it
too, close to where reason
deserted me (it was when i
saw you last) fighting with
me, to let go.


i am not sure where we
are headed today, it’s a new
start; for some reason the sun
isn’t burning my skin anymore,
the wind isn’t choking my heart
and the storm within isn’t so
perhaps I’ve come to like it,
lodged within my consciousness
it’s been my constant, the storm,
giving passersby the chance to stay
away from me, because i am
“not quite right.”


if i fall today, into the abyss of
what i was running away from,
i wouldn’t be very upset.
i think all that’s happened has
led me here, to where i stand
on the edge, wineglass in hand,
raging like a storm.


you made me fierce.


- Priyanka Menon

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Kalamwali 03-Jan-2017 12:14

Love- Love it :)

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