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By BoogieSpirit in Health & Wellness
Updated 21:03 IST Jan 02, 2017

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Oh you are so brave!!!! Yay that's me.. feels like a superhero this "BRAVE" Yes am brave, I can manage my injuries better or so I think 😇
As a child if I had fever my dad would always sit besides me and tell me to be strong, to defeat this fever and with his soothing words I would always. (Moms soup did the tricks too, lest she feels left out 😜)

Back to daddy dearest 😍 - he gave me 2 important life lessons which I hope to pass on to my kids
1. each one of us is suffering something or the other only the severity varies, so if crying would help, we would see a lot of people crying for hours sitting on the road or hospitals or their homes & after a few sessions their injury is healed. Super! Sounds easier & less painful than surgery right? But no.
2. If I as a father could take your pain for mine my dear child I would happily take it. Unfortunately no one can.

So back to this brave me, clutching onto dads life lessons, wish to confess that I cry sometimes in the bathroom where my kids can't see, I cry sometimes at the doctors clinic where my family can't see & I cry sometimes after everyone goes to bed. If I show my tears around, my family crumbles, my kid fears this operation thing & my mom breaks down wondering what has happened to her dear child.
But I derive a lot of strength from people around, from women who pick me up when I fall, from connections I have made who send me portraits, discount coupons, gifts and most of all positive vibes with best wishes.
This world is a beautiful place and life totally worth living. What makes the difference is what you want to make out of it.

P.S. I am due for my first ever operation next week. I have 2 ligament damages, a few bruises on the bone & a meniscus tear. I still love to dress up & turn up, only difference - 3 legs for the time being 😇

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Lakshmi Wasekar Wankhede 02-Jan-2017 21:00

U r awesome kash....super strong

Kalamwali 03-Jan-2017 12:12

Bravo BoogieSpirit!

Jaya Sathaye 18-Jan-2017 13:54

all the best :)

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