chakor gandhi

Avoid 3 C's if you can  Complain , Critisize , Condemn read more...
23-Jun-2016 • 114 views
THREE IMPORTANT PERSONS IN YOUR LIFE! “If you want peace in life, make peace with your neighbour and labour”Finding the right people is a skill and retaining them is an art. These three people, whom we most often undervalue, are in fact the most responsible ones, whom... read more...
29-Jun-2016 • 93 views
Delegation is an art more than science. When learnt and practiced by an individual in his own environment and conditions, it leads to peace and growth. It’s a crucial step towards attaining leadership. Energy, time and mind share all are limited resources. Hence it’s required to... read more...
05-Jul-2016 • 148 views
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