Three Important Persons in your Life

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“If you want peace in life, make peace with your neighbour and labour”
Finding the right people is a skill and retaining them is an art. These three people, whom we most often undervalue, are in fact the most responsible ones, whom our smooth day to day functioning ends up relying upon. Directly or indirectly they bring us happiness and peace of mind.

First: Driver
We plan big for our future and that of our families. But at some point daily, we put ours and our loved ones lives which are the most precious, in the hands of our drivers. One mistake from his side while driving, or even a little distraction can put our existence in jeopardy.
We habitually talk on our cell phones or with others while in the car. These conversations may sometimes if not most of the times, be confidential or personal. They are easily audible to the driver and we do not really fuss about it. God forbid if the driver uses this absorbed information to his advantage in any manner, it could turn disastrous.
In so many cases we have the ladies of the family or the children commuting with the driver alone. We entrust him with their wellbeing and safekeeping, which itself is a great deal of accountability for him.
Also it’s the driver who knows his employer’s whereabouts. The driver is more often completely aware of the happenings in our lives. A good dependable driver can and will maintain optimum level of privacy. A driver moreover represents us sometimes. Hence a smart, well groomed driver can add dignity to our impression. If trained suitably, a driver can play a role of an assistant for us.

Second: Kaamwali Bai/ House help/ Maid Servant
In every household, there’s one person other than the family members on whom the course of the day and temperaments of the people largely depend upon. That person is undoubtedly the house help. All it takes is a phone call or a message from the house help that she won’t make it to work, and there arise a series of mood swings around the house.
This person generally is the most dependable as it’s her job to watch over our homes which we set up with so much care and thought. In some or most cases the house help knows more than us, the whereabouts of things we have trouble finding. We rarely dare to organise dinners/ get-togethers/ functions etc at our homes without the backing of or reliability on our house help. Furthermore, they tend to have a lot of influence on children at home.

The Office Boy/ Peon:
Even though the name suggests Office Boy, we know better how this man runs innumerable errands for our home. In other words he is the ‘Man Friday’. He knows exactly what comes into the house from which place. When and where a particular few things must be fetched from and to maintain confidentiality regarding the same if need be. These men are usually extremely efficient and trustworthy. They seldom return without finishing the job assigned to them. Their job is also quite taxing as irrespective of the heat/rains/cold, they set out to fulfil their task.
Often neglected and taken for granted, these are the persons whom most of our day to day harmony, efficiency and cheerfulness depends upon. The question here is; do we have the right ones working for us? If yes, are we doing justice to them by compensating them adequately? Treating them with respect for all their hard work? Understanding the fact that they are humans and letting trivial mistakes pass?
Think, and do the needful to ensure consistent concord in life!

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