By Priyanka Menon in Poems » Short
Updated 23:21 IST Dec 04, 2016

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you used to be my favourite month -

your cold never cold enough to freeze

my heart, trampled on for

334 days

without a break in

48 weeks of wreckage

left behind by storms

that never made it out of my windows

somehow latching onto the air

I breathed in

28857600 times

choking my eyes

clogging my throat

cutting off my ears

silencing my tongue

and searing my skin.



December 2016,

i’ve never hated anything as much

for you remind me of what i've lost;

and although i still know the count

i've lost track of the unsent messages

like mini tornadoes

of words i never wanted to string together

of heartbeats i wish had stopped

of every second

i breathed knowing it’s


one more than i want.

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