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By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 12:09 IST Dec 29, 2016

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So this idea was born out of nowhere during our French class sessions and it turned out to be a unique and interesting one.

We were divided in groups of 4 and had to create and imaginary Hotel and present an advertisement of the same in French. We sat there scratching our heads wondering what could it be when this amazing idea struck me.

U. F. O I said and my peers looked at me with confused faces; Wondering if they heard right what I had just said. I replied saying let's name our hotel U. F. O and the quirky twist was that it would be a flying hotel. A hotel that would fly around the globe, so you no more have to travel via Airplanes! Airplanes is cliché, why chose a seat when you can have an entire room up there.

Pretty much fictitious but equally interesting. We decided we would have 8 rooms named after the 8 planets of our solar system, and 2 restaurants that would be called 'The Sun' and 'The Moon'. The morning meals Breakfast and Lunch would be serves at 'The Sun' where as the Evening snacks and Dinner would be at 'The Moon'.

Aishwariya suggested that of all the rooms Jupiter be the most grand suite, and Mercury be a basic small one, synonymous to their actual size in the solar system and it was instantly approved by the other members. To make it more theme related we decided that the entire hotel staff will be dressed as aliens.

Next Adish popped up saying lets have a pool on board named 'The Milky Way', after much discussion this too was approved. Now for the other amenities, there's a dark non-luminescent meditation hall named
'The Black Hole' this was suggested by Rasika.

And since no place is complete without a pub and a DJ, we had 'The Meteors' a pub up in the air with our special DJ Martian for those party animals on board.

We also decided to have an opening offer where you book a trip with us and get a Star named after you absolutely free! So you technically 'OWN' the space. ;) with a room and a star up there. You're the boss!

At the end of the discussion after each had presented their advertisements we had a voting so as to which hotel is the best..
And there's no doubt that Ours 'The U. F. O' was voted highest.

It was 1 random idea from 4 random minds which seemed so much fun to create, I wonder how amazing this hotel and trip would be if it's ever implemented

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