Kiran Sharda

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How beautiful it is when we are together, No matter how ugly is the weather, I still remember that one morning, You woke me up, kissed me while I was yawning, Kissed my forehead and held my hand, Promised me to be forever my best friend. Suddenly, your phone rang... read more...
15-Dec-2016 • 692 views
I was standing and wondering... People say life is beautiful, People argue that one should always be happy,one should be satisfied,one should be in peace.... I was standing and wondering... Life is beautiful but not for everyone; It is not a choice,it is not an option, It... read more...
25-Dec-2016 • 703 views
They say run, it's a race I dont even know where am I standing.. They say they have been betrayed I dont even know what trust seems like... They say they lost a promotion I dont even know what my position is... They say they dream to live their... read more...
01-Feb-2018 • 720 views
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