the incessant strikes

By Priyanshi Banerjee in Poems » Short
Updated 23:29 IST Dec 29, 2016

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No slumber- my pal, dreams never hold me,

Eyes all awake- across the globe I see,

My puppets in haste rushing endless miles!

Vast distances filled with malicious cries.

And there! Another begging on his knees,

Who was capturing the cool breeze.

Little did his mind ever know,

Work is my friend, leisure is my foe,

I am time the ever immortal,

Under sun-a predator ,under shades-nocturnal.

His head is a grave where I have been buried,

Didn’t understand for him, I was worried.

No currencies would shed his deeds so heinous,

No tears would wash his mind so treacherous.







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