Joy of relinquishing Pain !

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 13:23 IST Dec 31, 2016

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We all are juggling between joy and pain,

Some are sane and some insane,

Fighting every minute  braving,

Not living but surviving.



Agony and pain occupy our mind,

Letting no space for peace and kind,

Blinded by pang and rue,

We are missing the beautiful view.



We live in the past, in what’s gone,

Always contemplating the bygone,

The beauty and joy of TODAY is lost,

B’cuz we spent it all regretting the past.



Life is a  beautiful and magical  bless,

We – the hatless enchantress’

Choice is ours, what spell to cast,

Joy for the moment or love from the past.



So my darlings, wands up in the air,

Choose the joyous moment… I dare,

Let go of the past, it’s a lesson I’ve learned,

And believe you me it’s the greatest wealth I’ve earned.

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