The Fallen Rose

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Long
Updated 19:17 IST Jul 30, 2016

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As the winter winds roared by...
I bloomed under the leafy-starry sky,
Crimson red is my shade,
Of alluring scent I'm made.

It was on that chilly night,
The lakeside became a camping site,
For A bunch of teens,
Dressed in Jerkins and jeans!

Below the bright moon,
Amidst the nightingale's sweet tune,
She sauntered up the wood,
peeping through her pink hood.

Her eyes fell on me,
And they sparkled with glee,
She held me by my stem,
With utter care as though a gem...

I was uprooted but I felt no pain,
lay on her palms as she walked down the lane,
The horizons turned red,
And towards the tents she fled.

A guy she did wake,
And pulled him out to the lake,
She proposed him there,
And lifted me towards him with care.

He pushed her away,
And she cried in dismay,
I fell from her hands into the lake,
And a new path I take.

Like a vagabond I glide,
On a new exotic ride,
I hit the grainy land,
Dry, damaged, alone I stand.

I wither and perish,
I can see me vanish,
My seeds wrapped in mud,
I prepare to be a new bud.

years down the line..

Like a Phoenix I rise,
the same me in disguise,
and i see the familiar face,
I once saw in disgrace.

She was beaming,
her eyes sparkling,
with her was a man,
a handsome gentleman.

He looked around,
then me he found,
to me he strode,
and plucked my node.

To her he happily returned,
for what he always yearned,
today is the day,
his heart will say.

I Love You he said,
bent on knees, bowed head,
presented me
lifting me high

There I was in her hands
like a gem she cared
like true love she edured
her life was complete and so was mine.



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