The Feel Of Love

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 23:39 IST Jul 31, 2016

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When I was in the deepest of blue,

You came to my rescue,

You walked with me,

And made my worries flee !

U crowned me with a tiara,

Surrounded me with your charismatic aura,

U treated me like a princess..

Gave me love care.. All in excess..!

I was in Ecstasy…

It was all like a fantasy !

You were my meaning to life..

I dreamt to be your wife !

Until one fateful day,

Only silence to say,

I was weeping in my heart,

Dreams shattered… Tearing me apart.

The alteration in your love,

Made tears fall from even heavens above,

I don’t know what your heart chose,

But tat killed me inside.. My feelings froze !

I perceive the emptiness,

I feel the pain and numbness,

But then i hear on my stirrup,

A voice beckoning me to look up !

Its now time I choose,

To stay strong and not let loose,

because by now I’m immune,

To life’s tragic monotonous tune!

I am not seeking u back,

I have chosen another track,

And now i depart,

With a peaceful happy heart,

Closing this chapter of life,

moving on to another strife !

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