Complete Incompleteness

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 21:34 IST Jul 29, 2016

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I still remember that night,
You were far out of sight,
I was lying in bed,
My eyes crying red.

You chose to be silent,
And to obey her,
I tried to act valiant,
But i did wither.

It was your yellow streak,
That today is the day,
You were so meek,
To leave it half way.

I tried so hard to conceal,
But I am fained to emote,
And time can never heal,
What you did distort.

But I now do realise,
That you werent worth,
Of all my sacrifice,
b'coz at my tears... You laughed in mirth.

All those deep promises,
That u ruined in a stroke,
Remain now as blemishes,
That i hide with a cloak.

I lie here maimed,
And numbness enshrouds me,
Who is to be blamed,
For I am no more ME !

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Uttio Rahut 21-May-2018 11:45

I am not getting that historical one

Manali Jobanputra 21-May-2018 23:15

@uttiorahut not sure what you mean

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