The "XX" Chromosome !

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 21:13 IST Jan 09, 2017

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Assaulting, harassing, insulting and mocking at the feminine population is WRONG. No its not funny and I will not laugh at it or take it lightly.

We need to understand that sexist and gender biased jokes aren’t funny. I don’t get why people don’t understand this. How difficult is it to respect the women around you.

A few days ago, there was a “prank” video on YouTube where a disrespectful and Ill mannered creep goes around kissing women, and that is funny?

How is outraging a woman’s modesty,  kissing her without her consent and  shaming her in public  comical ?  The video apparently has 2k likes!

What message are we sending out to the society when we like such videos? Is rape also acceptable then? Would a rapist also get 2k likes for his crime?

I’ve seen multiple posts on Facebook that are disrespectful towards women, and I’ve seen women comment and laugh about it. These are small things that may not seem to matter, but it’s tiny drops that fill the ocean.

If it’s ok to laugh and joke about insulting or making sexually colored remarks on women then why does it come to sorrow and pain when a woman is raped?

People in our country want to be open minded, they say  it’s ok to laugh on such jokes and videos,  and that Oh it’s just a prank etc! Why can’t we show this open-mindness where it is actually required.

Why is a rape VICTIM  treated like a CRIMINAL? Why can’t we accept her as a part of society and support her rather than banish her. Where does the “open-mindness” go then?

We are the future of our country,  and if we want to to make it safe for women out there, we have to start from the smallest things. The one’s insulting and mocking  women on jokes and videos of the kind should be stopped right there,  so that they don’t take a step further.

There’s an old saying that goes : “Bad habits should be nipped in the bud. ” If there’s something wrong,  no matter how small it may be, it should be stopped right there.

A robbery is a robbery whether it be 1 crore Rupees or 1 Rupee. Similarly violation in  any form is wrong and must not be tolerated. If only  we worshiped our women like we worshiped idols of goddesses in temples,  every woman would be safe anywhere, anytime .

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