That insane night.....

By Himanshu Manna in Poems » Long
Updated 21:14 IST Jan 09, 2017

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She walked down the street, 

That atramentous and dusky street.

Solo she was, so was that lane,

And did her heart rang, in a trembling strain.....


That night was insane for her,

As something fallacious was waiting for her,

Which was beyond her thought,

And our visions too....


The bike slowed down, at the heels of that girl.

The first animal stepped down with a swirl,

And gushed towards that mistress,

And grabbed her with his barbarous hands, without any resistance...


She bellowed out to the people with the greatest brains,

On the other side of the lane.

But the Einsteins on the other side of the lane,

Felt no need to give a hand to that female....


And then they come, the Einsteins,

To blame the mistress for her shorties, not worth a dime.

Yes, she was molested for her minnies,

Said by the extra-minded lees.....


Yes, she was molested for her minnies,

Said by the extra-minded lees.

But did anyone ask the lady,

The lady in the burqa, who suffered the same, maybe.....


Einsteins, it seems that the minnies are the problem,

If it is, then go ban them, ban them!

Give them the burqa which exposes nothing.

Then set free the mammalians, the brute,

And months after you'll ban the burqa too....


It has nothing to do with the way a miss dresses.

It has to do with the way you teach the brutes,

It has to do with the Einsteins,

Who just had a great time watching the film,

Without even trying to help that kim.......


So ladies and Einsteins, mistresses and mammalians!

Tis' is our society, our camaraderie!

Everyone is high at their words, high at their mouths,

But the bottom line is, "Barking dogs seldom bite", said the night owls....




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Kalamwali 10-Jan-2017 11:01

Brilliantly penned down!

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