And that fatal girl

By abeer athar in Poems
Updated 11:54 IST Jan 09, 2017

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She wore that scars

Like the sky wore stars

Everyday her soul was murdered

Entire life her expectations kept getting smothered


She was more deep from any vale profound

But now, Alas! that fatal girl is now buried somewhere in the ground

She believed someone, she were not suppose to.

Her soul was dead many years before

The day she was not one but they were two.



Somehow she managed herself to say I am fine with a fake smile

But what used to happen , her memory got rewind.

And then she always cried.


Just because of one, the one her better half

She reached up high on the life sorrows graph.


Everyday in her life, the word pain was emphasized

and then at last she decided to kiss death tight.

and there her tolerance shouted out loud 

And that fatal girl got away from this world's crowd........

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taabiirdaan 28-Apr-2017 12:41

quite impressive 👏👏👏

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