• Dilemma
    TheLostBronteSister | 08-Jan-2017
    A lonely road I walk alone,With a wounded heart and conscience torn,And pray that HE would look upon,shine that light and bring me home.Met many a man, friend and foe..Been lost in a crowd with a weathered soul,What I seek, I may never know..Shine that light and bring me home.With a smile that shines, my eyes aglowWho knows what pain lies belowI told myself I'll never let them know,Shine that light and bring me home.So far I wander high and low,In my search for love so far unknownAnd pray my path HE may show..shine that light and bring me home....   - Neha Kamat
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  • Spirit
    TheLostBronteSister | 22-Jan-2017
    I see yonder ye swaying bold, A blinding magnificent sight of gold, Specs of red with raging spirit, Awaiting the unyielding wrath of cold.   As each one flutters to the ground, You grieve the loss without a sound. The spirit you once hath, now stripped bare, As the silver gloom descends around.   With burdened boughs and a glistening crown, Don’t let the dark times bring you down. In the hope that all will be green again, Battle on with a determined frown.   As the seasons turn and the clouds part The rays bring life to the weathered heart As blossoms spread their fragrances new The mirth follows where the bees dart   They who live life with high and low Through deep despair with a joyous glow A life well lived at the end of the road On cloud nine and six feet below   - Neha Kamat  
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  • Love Actually..
    TheLostBronteSister | 05-Feb-2017
      It's that time of the year again; there's a chill in the wind, you can hear the melody of Christmas jingles on the radio and the slight glow of twinkle lights only adds to the warmth that the holidays bring with them. Like every other year on Thanksgiving eve, I find myself on a plane. Invariably, as the plane begins it's final descent towards the vast maze of bright lights, my thoughts turn to reflect on the year gone by, my upcoming long weekend and random reflections on my life. Prime stars in this reflection have been my family, living so far away, something as mundane as turning in my time at work and my premature planning for the next round of travel. This year things are only slightly different... A part of me often wished, in the recent past, that I could turn back some cycles of time..Such a wonderful time in one's life..when one could still believe in the magic of Disney, hope for the happily ever afters, and enjoy Mills and Boons without being poked in the ribs by reality to tell you what a
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