A lonely road I walk alone,With a wounded heart and conscience torn,And pray that HE would look upon,shine that light and bring me home.Met many a man, friend and foe..Been lost in a crowd with a weathered soul,What I seek, I may never know... read more...
08-Jan-2017 • 703 views
I see yonder ye swaying bold, A blinding magnificent sight of gold, Specs of red with raging spirit, Awaiting the unyielding wrath of cold.   As each one flutters to the ground, You grieve the loss without a sound. The spirit you once hath, now stripped bare, As the silver... read more...
22-Jan-2017 • 759 views
  It's that time of the year again; there's a chill in the wind, you can hear the melody of Christmas jingles on the radio and the slight glow of twinkle lights only adds to the warmth that the holidays bring with them. Like every other year on... read more...
05-Feb-2017 • 776 views

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