Sujata Rajpal

Sujata Rajpal is a Corporate Communication & PR professional turned a full-time author. Her debut novel The Other End of the Corridor is her first work of fiction. The book was selected as one of the six books by Indian authors which broke stereotypes. She also writes columns and articles for online and print publications. She stumbled upon her passion of writing when her cushy job stopped challenging her. When not writing, she indulges in long walks, Yoga, Toastmasters and playing chess with her two sons.
In our back lane, there is a dhobhi. It’s a 8 x 8 room, two tables for ironing on either side of the room. Every time when I went to give and take clothes, Kumar will be ironing the clothes, his wife either ironing on the other table... read more...
07-May-2017 • 748 views
He had straight, neatly cut hair; sharp, intelligent eyes and distant eyebrows. I couldn’t make out whether his eyes were black or brown; it had a tinge of both the shades, but more of brown. His face was broad, but also on longish side, and not moon shaped... read more...
30-May-2017 • 790 views
Can women and beer go together? The current beer debate reminds me of a particular incident at my book event where after the book talk, a young woman came up to me and said kind words about my book that how much she had liked my book and how strong... read more...
16-Feb-2018 • 1187 views
Last week at the petrol bunk while I leaned against my car, my eyes fixed on the meter as the guy held the nozzle of the tube to my fuel tank, a car stopped in the parallel lane. The lady on the wheel was a well-known corporate trainer who... read more...
20-May-2018 • 743 views
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