My Anchor !

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 14:15 IST Jan 15, 2017

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From being each other’s ray of hope to having our own world war 3, we’ve seen it all. 5 years , a billion fights, gazillion good times and infinite memories. Our friendship continues to grow sweeter and stronger.

So from my bag of infinite memories, here’s one of the most beautiful ones. I call it : ‘ Private Concert ‘

So I probably was cursed during that period of my life because I ended up attracting all Mr.Wrong’s, and one of those morons turned out to be an unfaithful creep.

As a result of which, I was deep lost into tears and sorrow and all those post breakup habits of starving my freedom, overfeeding my tummy and staying up for days together.

Habeil spent a major chunk of his day with me to keep my spirits up but as soon as he would leave, I’d topple down the past. On one of those nights, I went on a crying trip, went on for about 3 hours and showed no sign of sanity.

The one thing that can bring back my sanity from any state is hearing Habeil sing, he’s my very own Arjit Singh. 😁 So that night,  to put me to sleep,  Habeil went on singing for a full 2 hours without complaining, just to make sure that I sleep in peace. It worked, I didn’t even realise when I boarded the slumber train.

It was the first time in a very long span that I slept so peacefully and if it were not for Habeil, I wouldn’t have. He kept me strong through that entire phase and made me realize what’s actually worth.

Every ship needs an anchor and Habeil’s mine. A simple unconditional and true relationship, just two wonderful people and a special bond.

Thank-you for always having my back Habeil Masoodi, you’re the best . I’m blessed to have a wonderful friend like you. I can always confide in you without a doubt. Thank you for being such a special  part of my journey.

What about you? Found your Anchor yet ?

– Manali Jobanputra

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