My One in a Minion !

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 21:17 IST Jan 14, 2017

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My one in a Minion,

My fluffy teddy bear,

You’re my little bob,

filled with love and care.

In the pitch of the black,

You never let me turn,

On the hardest track,

You held me firm.

The long crazy night-outs,

The terrace every morning,

The all day eat-outs,

the out-of-note singing.

All memories so close to my heart,

Just like you, never apart,

You’re an important part of me,

Without you I can never be.

This little stack of words,

Cant describe your worth,

B’cz you’re an angel,

who always keeps me in mirth.

So this is my special way,

to poetically say,

that ” I complete you,

and you complete me .”


-Manali Jobanputra

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