Insufficient Love

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 01:18 IST Jan 31, 2017

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My Slumber has vanished,

My mind is restless,

Me he has Banished,

But why?   I'm clueless.

Memories keep flooding my mind,

I relive each moment again,

There are answers I can't find,

why he caused me so much pain.

I miss him, but in vain,

My heart skips a beat,

When I hear his name,

I crave for a meet.

The think of his touch,

The feel of his lips,

Gives me pleasure much,

My inside skips.

I crave for that feel,

For him to be close,

For our lips to seal,

And curl my toes.

I wish he knew,

How i felt for him,

But he has no clue,

It's all so dim.

Everything makes me nostalgic,

He's everywhere I see,

Losing him is tragic,

Knowing it cannot be.

I wish it could ensue,

And together we'd be,

My love would pursue,

And he'd belong only to me.

- Manali Jobanputra

P.S : Shenaz on VK ! ( Reference 221 Days with a Twist )


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