Who Are We?

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 18:05 IST Jan 22, 2017

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Who are we ? Many would reply to this with gender, designations or castes; I’m a man, I’m an actor, I’m a Hindu, etc. Our entire human race has been divided into infinite sections based on caste, sex, occupation, nationality etc and we all are in some virtual competition against each other fighting to prove our worth. What we forget is that we are all Humans and we are all worth the same.

We have turned the Earth into a giant “Super Store”, only here the sections are Countries, Religion, Color and Gender. If an alien were to  walk into this store, he would feel cheated as under all sections its the same item ; A human body with blood running through the veins. Yet we the inhabitants of Earth see some kind of difference on the basis of which we have divided ourselves. Fortunately, in this world of the so called super intelligent species who have managed to divide us, I’m the blind one who fails to see any difference.

I feel disgusted when I hear people say “Muslims are terrorists, we are scared of them” etc, etc and all those dramatic dialogues. I believe that those who say this are the dumbest people with a zero IQ and Common Sense in the negative marking. How can you label an entire community, for the wrong doings of a few people. People say “Islam” teaches terrorism, that again is an ignorant and stupid thing to say. NO RELIGION TEACHES HATRED. Every holy book on this planet, be it Quran, Bible, Vedas, Gita or any other you can think of, all teach Love and Mankind.

Terrorists do not belong to any religion, they belong to terrorism. Because if a person knew what the books say and what their religion teaches, he wouldn’t be a terrorist. People who go about killing other under the name of Jihad aren’t muslims, because if they were they would know what Jihad means. A terrorist could belong to any community, and the entire community is not to be blamed for his actions.

Those who read the books, know that all of them preach the same thing. No book asks you to go and kill people, every book asks us to spread love and peace. We are all the same, we have the same blood in our veins, we have the same teachings in our books and we all worship one supreme deity, just names are different. H.W Longfellow said in one of his poems “Dust thou art, to dust returnest” which means we come from dust and to dust we return.

What is it that people fight and kill for is beyond me. Why do people argue on wanting to prove their religion better? What exactly is the competition here? What kind of award are you winning? Its high time we reflected on these questions and took a step towards spreading Love. There’s enough hatred on our planet, lets spread love, follow HUMANITY before any other religion and lets make this a better place to live.  A sincere request : PLEASE  STOP circulating hate messages even if they are jokes, remember you’re hurting someone’s beliefs.

 If you cant respect someone else’s religion at least don’t disrespect it.

Many readers might have the usual comments asking me if I’m a Muslim because I raised an issue concerning Islam. Others will have their comments taunting me for rasing this issue because my name describes me a Hindu. To all those, I’m neither a Hindu, Nor a Muslim, or any other religion. I celebrate all festivals, I go to all Holy Places and I believe in LOVE.

I am a human, and I practice Humanity !


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Ramanathan Shankara 14-Apr-2017 00:26

I thought you were going to get us (readers) to the origins and then evolution to mutation, and then something more interesting.

But its a good write up.

Keep up the good work!!!!

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