Defiled Soul !

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 18:38 IST Jan 12, 2017

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Her head was spinning, her eyes went blind,  gasping for breath, she hit the ground. She couldn’t believe her eyes,  the astonishing sight paralyzed her body making her numb.


Her heart was maimed, she felt demented, and didn’t want to believe what she saw.  Bawling  in anguish and shock she lamented the truth.

She couldn’t unsee it,  every time she closed her eyes it flashed in front of her. She craved to unsee it and erase it from her memory, but it was etched on her soul and she could never obliterate it.


It changed her life for the worse, wrecking her peace and normalcy turning her into a dead soul surviving the dark reality. She yearned to be the normal human she used to be, but it was a one way path and there was no returning.


She wore a smiling guise, and to the world she seemed a happy soul. No-one but her knew the suffering of her soul.





P.S : What do you think she saw? Leave your answer in the comments. :) 

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Kalamwali 13-Jan-2017 10:15

She saw glimpses of her abnormal childhood?

Manali Jobanputra 13-Jan-2017 13:19

@Kalamwali could be..

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