The Goodbye

By Vibhuti Damor in Poems » Long
Updated 20:00 IST Jan 11, 2017

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And as he left the crowd into the airport, 
Through the security,
With whole loads of new responsibility in the new city.          

In the crowd, her lips escaped all the prayers,
'make him strong to get through everything which he'll face alone.' 
And the eyes departed all the pain felt of him going miles away.
The crowd tried to calm her down,
Exclaiming " It will be fine, you won't even know and the time will fly and you will be together again!"
Little did they know that she'll die a little everyday,
To see him again.

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Manali Jobanputra 11-Jan-2017 22:03


Vibhuti Damor 11-Jan-2017 22:44

@carriebradshaw: thanks for appreciating ❤

sanchita 12-Jan-2017 12:06


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